Being one of the most visited marketplaces in Southeast Asia, it’s notable that the competition in Lazada is quite intense. But do you know that if you can get a casual visitor to become your follower, there’s a higher chance for them to turn into customers? But first, you need to learn how to use the Lazada seller voucher to make them interested to follow your page.

What is a Lazada Seller Voucher and how to make them? Gather all of your needed information by reading this article thoroughly and be ready to increase your store visit, and store followers, along with the probability of boosting sales.

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What is a Lazada Seller Voucher?

As one of the promotion tools, vouchers’ existence is also to help sellers improve the customer purchase of certain products that are sold. There are 2 kinds of vouchers in Lazada known as Platform Voucher and Seller Voucher. The difference between both is that the Platform Voucher’s discount is given and sponsored by Lazada itself while the Seller Voucher’s discount is given and sponsored by the seller or merchant.

Sellers are allowed to create a collectible voucher which customers can collect to their wallets and will be automatically applied when customers make their check-out. Collectible voucher is available in four places, such as:

  • Regular Channel: a voucher that can be seen at the seller’s store;
  • Store Follower: voucher that only store followers are allowed to claim and available for storewide promotion;
  • Offline Voucher: this voucher is distributed to a specific customer through link sharing;
  • Live stream: in which the voucher can only be seen during the live stream at the live stream rooms.

So, to answer the question of “how to use Lazada voucher without code”, you can just claim this collectible voucher given by the seller and it will be automatically applied as a discount voucher when you are going to check out the product from a certain store that offers this seller voucher. 

Now, sellers might be worried if they didn’t set the vouchers as limited, which might affect the seller’s profit in the long run. Hence, many people asked about how to delete seller voucher in Lazada?

While both seller and buyer can’t delete the redeemed voucher, sellers are allowed to deactivate the Seller Voucher anytime they wish to by accessing the Promotions page in Seller Center. However, customers who already claimed the voucher before it was deactivated are still eligible for use.

3 Benefit Lazada Seller Voucher

As a seller, there are a lot of benefits you may gain from giving out vouchers, for example:

Gaining More Followers

You have to know that each voucher has its benefit for your online store. By giving out a store follower voucher, you will encourage people to click the follow button on your online store to collect more vouchers and get more benefits. Once you have succeeded in making casual visitors be your follower, it is just about time to convert them into customers;

Increasing Sales

After collecting so many beneficial discount vouchers, there must be someone who uses them to buy something from your store. After all, no one can refuse a juicy discount, right? This act will automatically affect your product sales and increase your income.

Generating Organic Review

If there’s a buyer, there must be reviews, too. People who buy from your store will also give ratings and comments regarding the product they buy. If your product has a good quality, this can be the starting point to gaining more trust from other customers or visitors.

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How Can I Get a Lazada Seller Voucher?

Lazada’s voucher is only eligible for purchase on the Lazada website while the Seller Voucher is only redeemable if you buy products from that one certain merchant or seller whom you get the voucher from. 

To use the voucher, you can follow these steps:

  • Launch your Lazada App and go to the store that you get a voucher from;
  • Pick the product to buy, make sure they are eligible for the discount voucher;
  • Confirm your order;
  • Fill out your shipping information and ensure you have double-checked to avoid writing down the wrong address or recipient’s information;
  • If it’s a collectible voucher from the seller, then it will be automatically added as long as you have met the voucher’s terms and conditions.

Then how to use Lazada free shipping voucher after using this collectible voucher from the seller? You can just simply add the free shipping voucher and platform collectible voucher (if there are any) before placing your order to process payment.

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How Can I Share My Lazada Voucher Code?

You can make an offline voucher Lazada and share it through chat or other platforms with your legitimate customers. Besides offline vouchers, you can also share your voucher code via email with your loyal customers. Your voucher code will be presented as a limited-time offer product and have your customers visit your online store and immediately make a purchase if they’re up for the deal you are offering.

How to Make a Voucher for The Seller

As long as you are the seller of Lazada (except retail sellers), then you are eligible to create a voucher. You can visit Lazada Seller Center and access the Seller Voucher section on the Promotions page. For better guidance, you might also want to learn how to add vouchers in Lazada for Sellers through our other article. 

Note that as long as the products are within the guidance of overall products and listing policies, the seller will be able to create voucher promotions for them. And as long as the customer has fulfilled the criteria set by the sellers, then they will be eligible to claim the voucher.

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Buyers will have a hard time saying no to discounts. This is why one of the most effective ways for a seller to make people interested in visiting your store is by giving vouchers. As for buyers, if you are Lazada first time user voucher, you have to know that you can stack vouchers when doing a purchase.

By means, you can add seller vouchers, platform vouchers, and free shipping vouchers all at once. For more information, you might want to read about it in our other’s article regarding voucher usage.

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