In order to increase your Shopee sales, you must not only attract visitors to your online store, but you must also convert those visits into customers. Shopee delivers in-app capabilities that allow sellers to accurately represent their earnings in order to maximize their profits.

What is a Shopee Voucher?

Voucher codes, also known as promotion codes, are a string of letters and numbers that can be used in various Shopee transactions to receive a discount. The fact that each coupon code is tied to a specific voucher means that you won’t have to remember the voucher code while you’re redeeming the voucher on the Shopee platform.

Sellers or Shopee’s partners, on the other hand, may from time to time share coupon codes through non-Shopee sites. It is necessary to copy the code and paste it into the appropriate field while finishing your transaction in order to use these voucher codes.

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What are the Benefits of Activating Vouchers in Shopee?

Here are some of the benefits of activating vouchers in Shopee.

Guaranteed Lowest Price 

As soon as you see the Lowest Price Guaranteed logo on an item, you can be assured that you are getting the best deal possible online. When you shop with us, you won’t have to worry about overpaying for high-quality things because we have Lowest Price Guaranteed listings. If you find a lower price for the same goods elsewhere, you may actually file a claim and receive Shopee Coins worth up to 1.2x the difference in price.

Shopee Double Sale

If you’re new around here, you might be perplexed as to what the terms Shopee 8.8, 9.9, and all that follows actually imply. These are referred to as Double Double Sales, and they are the most eagerly awaited monthly sales of the Shopee Family! Every month, you can look forward to Double Double Sales, which are jam-packed with promotions, discounts, and good times! 

Remember to keep an eye on your mobile device’s Shopee app frequently because the upcoming Double Double Sale is one you won’t want to miss out on! Make room in your shopping carts and prepare to shop until you drop when the next big bargain comes along!

Shopee-Themed Games

In addition to being an online marketplace, Shopee is also a source of entertainment for its users. There are a plethora of Shopee Games to choose from! Profit from your chances of winning prizes such as coins, discount and cashback certificates, and even grand prizes such as brand new electronics or cash! 

If you take your gaming seriously, you should familiarize yourself with the Hacks You Should Know When Playing Shopee Games in order to increase your chances of winning.

If this is your first time joining the Shopee family, make the most of your experience by taking advantage of our New User Zone advantages! This includes the opportunity to receive up to 70 in Free Money in the form of ShopeePay Credits once your ShopeePay Wallet has been activated.

Preparing for the next Shopee shopping sale is as simple as remembering these Shopee sale tips and strategies. Bid adieu to excessive delivery charge costs, pricey products, and fast sold-out items, and hello to Lowest Price Guaranteed items, discount and free shipping certificates, unbelievable discounts and Shopee Games, among other things. Become a pro-Shopee customer right now!

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How to Manage Vouchers in Shopee?

Here is how to manage the vouchers: 

Seller Center

On the Vouchers page, you can narrow down your vouchers by picking from the All, Upcoming, Ongoing, and Expired buttons to narrow down your vouchers. You can also receive a brief overview of your voucher’s data and do other activities from this screen.

Via Mobile App

On the Vouchers tab, you may view vouchers that are scheduled to expire in the near future, are currently in use, and have expired. The most important voucher information will be displayed for each item. Vouchers for editing are number one.

To make changes to upcoming and ongoing vouchers, select Edit from the drop-down menu. The modifications that you can make are listed below.

Making Several Copies of Vouchers

To produce a duplicate of your voucher, select Duplicate from the menu bar. Except for the Voucher Code, you have the option to keep or alter any of the information. Before selecting Confirm, you must enter a new code.

In order to create cost-effective vouchers, this is a useful feature. Please keep in mind that this can only be done through the Seller Center.

Orders for Vouchers to be Viewed

Orders allows you to see any purchases made with your Ongoing or Expired vouchers that have been made. Seller Center is the only place where you can find this.

Deleting and Terminating Vouchers

If you need to make additional changes to an upcoming voucher, you can either delete it and create a new voucher, or update an existing coupon that has been duplicated.

Choosing End on the Seller Center or End Now on the Shopee App will allow you to put an end to an Ongoing voucher that is currently active. Buyers will no longer be able to claim and/or utilize your coupon after the expiration date.

Specifics of the voucher

To examine the settings for your expired vouchers, go to the Seller Center and select Details, or go to the Shopee App and select View. Please keep in mind that you can set the duration of your voucher up to a maximum of three months. In the event that you wish to re-use the same voucher code, you can do so after 30 days from the day on which it expires.

Unused vouchers refer to the number of vouchers that are still available for use within your Usage Quantity on the Shopee App.

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