The Lazada free shipping program allows buyers to maximize their Lazada shopping experience while at the same time allowing the sellers to attract new customers and establish loyalty from the existing ones. It is important to understand the free shipping program as a way to boost your sales in Lazada

Thankfully, Lazada Philippines has got you covered with all of the features and things to take note of regarding the free shipping program. This might also help in terms of fulfilling your Lazada orders as a new seller on the platform.

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What is the Lazada Free Shipping Program?

When it comes to online shopping, one of the most sought-after perks is free shipping. In order to attract more buyers, Lazada is introducing the Free Shipping Max program, which has a competitive minimum spend requirement and a simple purchasing experience.

Sellers will be able to attract more customers and earn more money by offering Free Shipping, which will be partially covered by Lazada for a 3 percent Participation Fee* (limited at Php 50 per delivered item) on their products. In order to participate in the July round, you must have participated in the previous round. Go to Seller Center > Free Shipping Max to make changes to your participation in Free Shipping Max.

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What are the Benefits of Lazada Free Shipping for Sellers?

Increase the number of buyers. Free Shipping vouchers and banners will help you gain the most exposure possible. Increase the number of vouchers. Lazada will provide buyers with Free Shipping vouchers that will be paid for by the company. Sellers will incur only a modest amount of expenses. All successfully delivered items will be subject to a 3 percent participation fee (with a maximum of Php 50 per item).

When you sign up for Free Shipping Max, you’ll get the most exposure possible. Buyers can accumulate an unlimited number of Free Shipping Vouchers, which are provided by Lazada. Business Advisor allows you to keep track of how well you are doing in the program.

FAQs About Lazada Free Shipping

What is the best way for a seller to create a Free Shipping promotion? 

It is possible to access the free shipping promotion function by going to ASC> Promotion > Free Shipping. This is a link to the Lazada University page, where you can get a full step-by-step guide on how to create your own store.

Are there any eligibility requirements for a seller, a product, or a customer to participate in a Free Shipping promotion? 

AIl vendors are able to run Free Shipping deals on their products. All product categories (with the exception of those that do not contain physical objects, such as digital goods) are eligible for the development of Free Shipping campaigns, provided that the products comply with the general product and listing regulations. Customers who place orders that match the promotion conditions will be eligible for free shipment or a shipping charge subsidy.

When designing a Free Shipping offer, are there any unique conditions that the seller should be aware of?

There are no restrictions and/or guidelines in place that prevent any vendor from offering a free shipping promotion to their customers. Free shipping can be used in conjunction with any and all promotional strategies.

What is the purpose of Lazada’s Free Shipping Max promotion?

Free shipping is one of the most sought-after features by online shoppers when making purchases. In order to attract more buyers, Lazada is introducing the Free Shipping Max program, which has a competitive minimum spend requirement and a clear purchasing experience. For sellers, this might be viewed as an investment in the future growth of their business.

Are there any restrictions on the total number of orders that can be subsidized by Free Shipping Max?

None. When an eligible order is placed within the program time, the Free Shipping Max program will subsidize the shipping costs for that order as long as the order meets the requirements.

When is the Free Shipping Max promotion going to be available?

Free Shipping Max registration is open from July 1 to September 28, 2021, so sign up as soon as possible to reap the most benefits from Free Shipping Max. The deadline to register is September 28, 2021.

How will my customers be made aware of the Free Shipping Max promotion?

All participating items will benefit from the following increased exposure:

  • On the Product Display Page, there is a banner.
  • On the search results page, there is a banner.
  • The Free Shipping Max icon on the app’s homepage will link you to a Free Shipping Landing Page that is dedicated to free shipping.

On the app’s homepage, is there a Free Shipping Max tab under the Just For You section?

Promoting your participation in the Free Shipping Max promotion can also be done by sending out chat messages to your customers, posting on your Lazada Feed, or spreading the word on social media!

How can customers take advantage of the Free Shipping Max promotion?

Purchasing the Free Shipping Max voucher from one of the following channels is required by the seller:

  • Vouchers can be found on the Vouchers page.
  • Banner appears on the Product Display Page.
  • Landing Page for Free Shipping Offers.

How many times can a consumer use a free delivery voucher before it expires?

Ten times a week, buyers can collect and redeem certificates from a single vendor.

I participated in a number of Lazada promos. Which banner will appear on the product page for my product?

Only one banner will appear on your Product Display Page at a time, and it will appear in the following order:

  • Sales banners that are only available for a limited time.
  • A+ or Mega-sized campaign banner (e.g., Birthday Sale).
  • The lowest price is guaranteed with free shipping up to a certain amount, or a combination of both (if the seller has both).

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