What is Lazada voucher Philippines? Lazada is an international eCommerce company that was created in 2012 in Singapore and is now owned by the Alibaba group. Maximilian Bittner founded this company with Rocket Internet, a European internet company headquartered in Berlin. 

For those who are buying for the first time on Lazada, a lazada voucher is given to you upon sign up. However, many users said that they weren’t able to use it.

How to use voucher in lazada? Lazada no longer offers the voucher code for subscribing to the newsletter. However, you can still find many other voucher codes here, for new as well as existing customers. Usually you can save up to 300 or win prizes.

The voucher will be deducted from the amount of the item that you are going to buy. If you were unable to use it on your first order, it might still be valid on your next purchase. There are also promotions from Lazada where they give you a lazada free voucher or coupon.

Lazada Philippines

Lazada is a leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, basically the Amazon of South-East Asia. This platform is open to international sellers who want to tap into the markets of Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

According to Google and Temasek, Southeast Asia’s online economy hit $100 billion in 2019, and it is estimated to triple that by 2025. The population in this region is relatively young and has a very high internet and smartphone penetration rate, making it a tempting target for cross-border sellers.

As the world’s premiere eCommerce gateway to Southeast Asia, Lazada has created a vibrant and unique online shopping mall that connects consumers across Southeast Asia with merchants around the world. It’s one of the easiest ways for eCommerce retailers to push sales in the region.

In the Lazada Philippines, they provide some vouchers like freeshipping voucher lazada for you to save some money for a cheaper price experience.

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Different Voucher Types

There are 3 different types of vouchers that can be used in the Lazada Philippines :

  • Lazada Vouchers
  • Seller Vouchers
  • Payment Vouchers

Where to Find Vouchers?

How to get voucher code in lazada? Here are the steps that you can directly find where is your vouchers :

  1. Go to the Home Page
  2. Click Account Page
  3. Click the Product Page
  4. Open My Cart, then you will see what vouchers do you have

How to Identify The Number of Vouchers Collected?

To identify the number of vouchers that you have collected, you can check in your Lazada app. Just click on Account and check it under lazada wallet voucher.

Can You Use Multiply Vouchers?

There are a lot of lazada voucher code that are available in Lazada. The question is can you use multiple vouchers in the same order? The answer is yes, you can use multiple vouchers in one order.

How Can You Apply Vouchers?

Vouchers are automatically applied in your cart once conditions are met. Types of voucher codes such as compensation vouchers, promotional vouchers. Must be copied and entered in the voucher field. You can access it on the Cart and Checkout page.

How Can You Choose The Voucher That Will Be Used in Your Order?

The collectible vouchers are automatically applied once you meet the voucher terms and conditions. If you have both Lazada and Seller Vouchers, both can be applied in the same order. 

If you wish to change/choose the lazada voucher code 2021 applied to your order, you can follow the steps below :

  1. At the Checkout Page, scroll down to the vouchers section under Subtotal. The discounts applied to your order will be listed.
  2. Click on Lazada/Seller Vouchers and choose the voucher you want to apply in your order, or remove the voucher from your order. Then click Confirm.

Why is Your Voucher Not Working?

Vouchers may not be working because:

  • The voucher is expired or the utilization is fully consumed
  • The voucher is for single use only and was already consumed
  • The voucher is not applicable to the item to be ordered
  • There are some items being sold in Lazada that are not part of the voucher exclusion list. These items have a Voucher Not Applicable badge posted to inform you that the item is not part of the exception.
  • The voucher does not meet the following conditions :
  1. For new customers only
  2. With minimum purchase
  3. Exclusive to Lazada Mobile App
  4. For specific payment methods only
  5. For specific category only
  6. The voucher code has incorrect spelling
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Why Can’t You Collect a Voucher?

If you can’t collect a voucher, it may be because of the following reasons :

  1. You are trying to claim an already fully collected voucher. Sellers set a specific number of collectible vouchers. If the set number has been collected, this message will appear.
  2. It should be a limited voucher. Vouchers may be limited to a single collection per customer. If you’ve already collected the same voucher, this error message may appear.

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Can You Remove The Voucher You Collected?

Vouchers is one of the most useful features in Lazada. Every seller must have applied some vouchers that the buyers can collect and use to buy products from their shops. Currently, when you collect a voucher, you can no longer remove it. So make use of it before it is gone.

Can You Still Use The Voucher You Used on a Cancelled Order?

Lazada voucher code hack. Products are at their best selling prices during a sale. The demand for these sale items is high, so if you wish to cancel your previous orders and re-order with the voucher, Lazada cannot guarantee that the stock will be available. Don’t worry, you can use the voucher for a different order until it’s expiry date.

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Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in South East Asia. You can buy many kinds of things in Lazada by using the Lazada free shipping voucher that you have collected to get a discount/cheaper price.

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