What do you want your customers to think of you after they receive your product? Yes, there is only one way to guarantee a successful outcome: good product packaging and included materials. Most sellers overlook an important aspect of a product and lose repeat business as a result. Lazada helps you by offering Lazada boxes and Lazada pouches for sellers.

By this way, you can deliver your product safely to customers and it does not disappoint your customers. How would you react if you received a diamond wrapped in toilet paper? The bottom line is that even if you have the best product, it can be ruined by poor packaging. Also, if you include product packaging without a product insert, you’re likely passing up an opportunity to collect emails and remarket to your customers.

So, here is the explanation about the package you should choose to deliver your products, either it uses pouches, or boxes.

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What Are Lazada Packaging Guidelines?

Lazada’s Packaging Guidelines are safety measures that make it the sellers’ responsibility to send out quality packaged products to their customers. These Lazada packaging guidelines 2022 include items such as information about pouches, boxes, and even invoices.

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Following Lazada packaging guidelines PH will assist you as a seller in determining whether or not you are treating your products and couriers correctly. These Lazada packaging guidelines return to all sellers because they will determine whether or not you are truly delivering below the bare minimum. So it is essential.

What Are Standard Packaging Materials in Lazada Philippines?

Go to LazMall and search for “Lazada Packaging” if you want to buy Lazada pouches or boxes. Otherwise, you can look for it by navigating around your shipping settings as the Lazada seller in the Lazada Seller Center.

If you want to check on the status of your orders, you can find information on how to track your orders in LazMall’s Track My Orders option if that’s where you got your packaging. If not, you can contact Lazada’s Customer Service by clicking on the Chat Now button in the Seller Center or the Help Center on the Lazada website.

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Types of Lazada Packagings

It is important that all products must be packed in accordance with Lazada’s packaging guidelines, as outlined in Lazada New Seller Agreement. Lazada plastic pouch is the material of this pouch. It is easy to use, tamper evident and secure sealing. 

For the Lazada Box, the material is paper with 204 x 120 x 91 mm size, 125 Lbs., e-flute, inside glued, and 1 color print. You can get this pouch and box in Sulit Finds store as Lazada pouch supplier. Lazada Philippines offers the following standard packaging materials and Lazada pouches sizes: 

  • New Lazada Small Pouches, size: 18.6 cm x 30 cm.
  • New Lazada Medium Pouches, size: 23.7 cm x 39.8 cm.
  • New Lazada Large Pouches, size: 32 cm x 44.6 cm.
  • Compostable Small Pouches w/o Sleeve, size: 18.6 cm x 30 cm.
  • Compostable Medium Pouches w/ Sleeve, size: 23.7 cm x 39.8 cm.
  • New Lazada Bubble Pouch XS, size: 17 cm x 20 cm.
  • New Lazada Bubble Pouch S, size: 20.6 cm x 27.4 cm.
  • New Lazada Box: Box A, size: 204 x 120 x 91 mm.
  • New Lazada Box: Box B, size: 223 x 138 x 97 mm).
  • New Lazada Box: Box D, size: 340 x 180 x 101 mm.
  • Honeycomb Wrap (Bubble Wrap Alternative).

There are different packaging materials for LazMall sellers. Please kindly obey this important note. The use of the following packaging materials is restricted to LazMall sellers only. These red pouches must not be purchased or used by non-LazMall sellers. Instead, please use the standard blue pouches. Unauthorized use of these pouches may result in Non Compliance Points or store deactivation.

  • New LazMall Pouch – Medium, size: 23.7 x 34.5 cm w/ 5.3 cm Flap.
  • New LazMall Pouch – Large, size: 32.0 x 38.9 cm w/ 5.7 cm Flap.
  • Compostable LazMall Pouch w/o Sleeve – Small, size: 18.6 x 30cm.
  • Compostable LazMall Pouch w/o Sleeve – Medium, size: 23.7 x 39.8cm.
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Pouch vs Box: Which One Should You Choose? 

Items that are fragile, pointy, unusually shaped, or valuable must be packed in the Lazada packaging box. This method is required for hazardous commodities and caustic substances.

Pouches are ideal for storing small, non-delicate items. Only Lazada pouches (designs 2020 and 2021) are allowed. They must be replaced in order to avoid using outdated patterns and colors. If a Lazada pouch is not currently available, new sellers may use regular, non-transparent pouches with adhesive seals for their first ten orders from the marketplace.

In short, you can use either of the two as long as they are appropriate for your items. Make sure you use these according to your needs and what will best protect your products.

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Product packaging is commonly regarded as an expensive commodity that only requires delivery to the customer. The truth is that if you get creative, you can actually change the customer experience of your product.

Lazada eases you by providing Lazada’s packaging materials that you can buy from LazMall in the Sulit Finds store. Here you can purchase pouches, boxes, layer direct thermal label stickers, thermal printer, and honeycomb wrap as bubble wrap alternatives all in various sizes. They offer the blue pouches and the red pouches. 

These red pouches must not be purchased or used by non-LazMall sellers. Instead, please use the standard blue pouches. Unauthorized use of these pouches may result in Non Compliance Points or store deactivation.

Strategically designed packaging and inserts result in a higher click-through rate, a differentiator from competitors, increased perceived product value and overall customer experience, a higher rate of positive product reviews, a lower risk of product damage during shipping, and an increase in overall sales.

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