Many people are searching for hacks for Lazada, like Lazada hack 700. But apart from that, there are lots of Lazada hacks that you can follow, both for sellers and buyers. See more below.

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How Can I Be Secure in Lazada?

There are many ways on how to hack Lazada wallets. Lazada prioritizes your safety above all else. Please see and adhere to the security reminders and advisories listed below to ensure a safe and secure online shopping experience!

Do Not Divulge Any of Your Personal Information

Lazada only requests personal information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) during the sign-up process. Be wary of anyone claiming to be a representative of Lazada or Lazada Customer Care. Lazada will never e-mail or call you to inquire about or verify your account password, (One Time Password), remittance code, credit card information, or any other personal information.

Paying Outside of Lazada Is Not Permitted

Lazada and its sellers will never request partial or full payment via money order, wire transfer, or bank transfer. Payment for your purchases should only be made and completed through Lazada’s secure Checkout Page by selecting one of the payment methods listed above. Never pay with barcodes that were not generated directly by Lazada. Payment for Cash on Delivery is made to the courier upon delivery of the item. 

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Accept No Payment Instructions via Chat or Email

Never accept payment instructions from sellers via the Lazada App’s “Messages” or “Chat.” Lazada will provide all payment instructions:

  1. when you requested a Wallet top-up; or ,
  2. on Lazada’s Secure Checkout Page.

Please keep in mind that if you cash in your Lazada Wallet, you will receive a Lazada notification, SMS, or email along with the reference bar code. This reference bar code is private and is not visible to Lazada or its Sellers. Don’t accept any bar code that was not generated by your account.

Be Wary of Individuals or Accounts Impersonating Lazada

Lazada Philippines will contact you only through the following channels when necessary:

  • Email (Authentic emails are sent from addresses that end in “” or “”).
  • Text Messages (Sender is LAZADA PH).
  • Toll-free number: 02 7795 8900.

Lazada will never contact you via your Lazada App’s “Messages” section.

Use Your Personal Lazada Account to Place an Order

In the event of a cancellation initiated by Lazada or a seller due to an item being out of stock, Lazada or the seller cannot place a replacement order on your behalf. Only you can place an order under your own account for security reasons. Simply go to Lazada’s website/mobile app to reorder. Lazada recommends that you look for another seller who offers or has available stock of the item you want to buy.

Be Wary of Fraudulent Websites

Avoid using Lazada hack apk or websites. Pop-up websites appear as a result of the installation of malicious software or scareware. These pop-up websites may appear to be very similar to the original websites. It is classified as a fraudulent website because it appeared out of nowhere. 

These are capable of stealing your account, as well as all of the information you registered with it. To avoid these scenarios, protect your account by going directly through the link.

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Lazada Shopping Hacks

With Lazada free items hack, you can even get discounts until free items. This is a list of Lazada hack PH that you will need!

Always Use a Voucher

Don’t forget to always use vouchers which are available in Lazada.

Check Your Apps Daily for Brand Deals, Flash Deals, Launch Deals

Check your apps on a daily basis for Flash Deals, Brand Deals, and Launch Deals, and don’t forget to claim free coins or vouchers.

Make Sure to Use All of Every Double-Digit Sale (Like 3/3 Sale)

Every double-digit sale (such as the 3/3 sale) has many free shipping vouchers, cashbacks, and discounts; make sure to take advantage of all of them.

Always Check the Products Variety of the Shop

When purchasing multiple products, always check the Shop’s product variety. You might be surprised to learn that some of the items you’re looking for are available in just one store (higher or lower price). This will assist you in lowering delivery fees and reducing shipping delays.

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Utilize the Filter Feature of Lazada

Use the Filter feature of the Lazada to narrow down your search results. Here are a few filtering-related hacks:

  1. Using the Rating Filter because the majority of products with good reviews have four stars or higher.
  1. Sort the items by lowest to highest price.
  1. There are many more options in the Filter feature; make sure to use them all at the same time for the best results.
  1. Never buy products that are too good to be true at a ridiculously low price, like offering free items on how to get free items in Lazada 2022. So always read the buyer reviews and comments to see if the items listed are legit or a scam.
  1. Check out the Shop Profile to see their Chat responses, overall ratings, and when they joined the platform. When dealing with Shops that are only a few days old, caution is advised.

Lazada Hacks for Seller

Besides hacks for buyers, here are Lazada hacks 2022 for Lazada sellers.

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Manage Your Customer Feedback Actively

Before making a purchase, most customers rely on product reviews. Always check for any feedback, whether positive or negative, and manage it proactively to keep your product rating in good standing. Consistently reviewing customer feedback will ensure that your company maintains a positive reputation.

Use Discounts and Promotions When Launching New Products

When you first create a Lazada product listing, you are starting from scratch. You don’t have any product reviews or sales history. It is difficult to persuade people to believe a product listing that looks like this. Offering discounts at the product launch can help you overcome this and gain visibility.

Maintain an Up-to-Date Inventory (and in Stock)

Always try to keep your inventory up to date in order to avoid overselling. When you don’t manage your inventory proactively, two things can happen:

You can oversell, which will force you to cancel orders, which may result in negative reviews.

You can sell out, which will cause your product to disappear from search results. Your product going offline due to being sold out has almost the same effect as your seller account going on vacation mode. So don’t sell out or you’ll lose all of your previous search rank boosts.

Manage Your Prices Actively

Pricing is an important factor in a customer’s decision to buy, especially in Southeast Asia. Customers will always choose the product with the lowest price when Lazada displays two identical products (including ratings/reviews and seller rating). Your products should be ready to compete with the merchandise of other sellers.


There may be additional shopping and seller hacks that were not included in this list. However, if you use all of the hacks listed above, you will reap numerous benefits.

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