Boosting your sales income through selling on the marketplace is more than just possible if you know the trick. Lucky for you, you have come across the right article. Here, you will learn how to join flash sales in Lazada and increase your sales rapidly so, make sure you take the notes!

What Is Flash Sale in Lazada?

Launched somewhere around 2012 and was founded by Maximilian Bittner with the backing of Rocket Internet. Lazada has now become one of the most visited marketplaces in a few countries in the SEA like the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Just like any other marketplace, Lazada also offers a beneficial program that will help to increase sellers’ income through their marketplaces by enabling flash sales. A flash sale Lazada meaning is that a seller of Lazada is allowed to promote products to customers at good prices in a short period.

This special program is usually held every day displaying many selected products from different categories in different time frames matched with Lazada’s event. Hence, registering for Lazada Flash Sale will allow the seller to access larger potential traffic, increase conversion rate, attract more traffic to the seller’s store and give another product a chance to be noticed by visitors, and get promoted on Lazada’s homepage.

Which Is Necessary to Join a Flash Deal?

Before registering to join a flash deal, you have to first fulfill the following conditions:

  • You are a seller at Lazada’s marketplace.
  • The seller should have more than 20 total products sold within the latest 30 days from the registration date.
  • A seller with a cancellation rate below 2%.
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Note that some industries might have different requirements to be able to join this Lazada campaign of flash sales, therefore, thorough and careful research is needed before deciding whether or not to join this program. The seller’s inventory will be locked starting from the time the seller registers for this program.

Registering / Joining Flash Sale

To successfully become part of the Flash Sale, all you need to do these steps:

  • Go to the Lazada Seller Center and open the “manage promotion” page.
  • Klik on ” Flash Sale” to choose.
  • Select the avail program that suited your product and click “join”.

Checking the Approved Product

After learning how to join the Lazada flash sale, you also need to learn how to check the approved product that is included in the Flash Sale by following these steps:

  • Go to the Seller Center and open the ” manage promotion” page.
  • Look for “Registered Promotions” and click on the program name.
  • Click on “Check Product Status” and select display time on the Lazada homepage.

Both steps are the necessary information if you want to join Lazada Seller Campaign so make sure you take notes and now you are ready to join the flash sale to boost your selling. 

How Can I Get More Sales in Lazada?

Joining Flash Sale alone doesn’t guarantee you will boost your sales immediately. Sometimes a flash sale also has the probability to go wrong if you don’t have a good plan. Hence, even as a seller, you also need Lazada flash sale trick to get more sales for your products. You might want to use some of the following advice:

Choose the Right Timing

Make research on customers’ behavior in shopping will ensure your flash sale going to attract more sales. Flash sales often take place at midnight (12a.m), in the morning at 9a.m and 10a.m, and also during the night at 11p.m, so you need to check on what days your customers usually make purchases? What time of the day usually do they buy items from your shop?

You can also depend on the marketplace’s analytic tools which you can access through Bussiness Advisor at Lazada Seller Center. You will be able to get a graph of what times of month and week you receive the most sales. After that, you can go to Finance and access Order Overview through Account Statements to see what’s the exact time your customers had been making a purchase.

Narrow Down the Target Market

Try to identify customers who have shown interest in the product you are going to be on sale soon. Showing interest can be determined by liking your product, adding your item to their shopping cart, or asking inquiries). 

You can check it through Lazada Customer Engagement Management. You can also run a limited-time Google Ads campaign for specific keyword triggers, create a buyer persona for the target market, or use demographic data to run suitable Facebook Ads to attract more new customers.

Picking the Right Product on Flash Sales

Register your high-traffic products for joining flash sales. You can access the Traffic menu on the Business Advisor page through Lazada Seller Center and gain information about how many views each of your products has successfully gained before then, identify which product had negative reviews in the past, and put them into flash sales to improve the algorithm of the product so it can hopefully gain more positive review in the future.

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Of course, you will also need to make sure the quality of this certain product has been evaluated and improved to avoid gaining extra negative reviews.

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How Does a Flash Sale Work?

Flash Sales items have limited stock quantity so once it’s out of stock, buyers won’t be able to purchase them at flash sale price anymore. Items that are included for Flash Sales will appear 12 hours before the live flash sale started. 

Lazada will also put a countdown timer on the product’s display page that buyers need to pay attention to so they won’t miss out on the flash sales. However, since most items in flash sales come in limited quantities as it is offered at lower prices, Lazada is enabling the first come first serve rules in the purchase.

How Do You Introduce a Flash Sale?

Unlike the flash sales in Shopee which are exclusively reserved for sellers with the most clicks and views, at Lazada, you can voluntarily register to be part of flash sales. When joining flash sales in Lazada, your product will be displayed in the flash sale section at certain time slots, such as:

  • 7a.m to 1p.m.
  • 1p.m to 7p.m.
  • 7p.m to 12 a.m.

Lazada’s statistics showed that the time slot above is the time when buyers actively put products on the cart and make a purchase. It is said to boost store visits by 30%—after the event ends.

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Lazada sellers are allowed to voluntarily register themselves to join flash sales, all you need to do is click the “Daily Sales” options and enter the Flash Sales page then look for the available campaign. The seller can choose a flash sale that they wish to be part of and click “Join”.

You will then be able to see a summary of the campaign details which you need to pay attention to because the minimum requirements will be indicated. You can select the product you want to include in the flash sale before setting the campaign price.

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