How to do business with Lazada? With platforms like Lazada Philippines making online businesses more accessible to the correct customers, there isn’t much of a reason to not consider joining their platform for prospective online business owners or those that just want to scale their existing operations, in keeping with the corporate.

Due to the evolution of mobile phones into mini-computers, Filipinos now have even greater access to internet shopping.

There has been a gentle increase in traffic to online shopping sites from mobile users, with a minimum of 19 percent growth in traffic quarterly between the third quarter of 2016 and therefore the second quarter of 2017, consistent with the report. This can be a transparent sign that eCommerce will still be the engine of future business growth.

Before you get into online selling headfirst, familiarise yourself with the necessities you want to meet and therefore the terms and conditions you need to conform to.

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3 Reasons Profitable to Sell on Lazada?

Regardless of your experience level selling on Lazada, there’s a benefit in checking how you stand against industry best practices.

The Lazada marketplace is becoming more and more competitive every single day with an estimated 125,000 sellers now across the 6 Lazada countries.

Being a marketplace seller on Amazon for 6+ years, engaging at Lazada for 3.5 years, and networking/chatting with 100s of marketplace sellers over the years, some common patterns of success have come to attention.

What makes Lazada so tempting to Filipinos is the undeniable fact that the bulk of the merchants on the platform accept Cash on Delivery (CoD) as a way of payment. Thanks to an occasional bank penetration rate within the Philippines, it should come as no surprise that the market favours this suggestion of payment over the alternatives.

What to sell in Lazada is like electronic products like tablets, game consoles, and Kindles are in high demand. Fashion products like dresses, bags and watches are also highly welcomed. Lazada has grown immensely in Singapore where it also has its headquarter.

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Invest in the Future of Your Business

A Lazada selling business is not any different than the other business. There are pieces that are more automated than others but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run it on a shoestring budget.

If you wish to achieve success on Lazada and proportion your lifestyle business, don’t be afraid to invest!

This means investing in platforms that facilitate your market for your products. This implies investing in new development and sourcing. It means investing a touch more of some time to make sure that your product appearance is sweet. It means investing to make sure you’ve got good product images and good product content and positive reviews for all of your products.

It means you would like to take a position some time in handling customers and making them happy. you will be spending some overtime and money but it’ll definitely facilitate your within the long-run. This isn’t a business that you just should approach as 100% passive. you must manage it proactively.

There are only a few businesses within the world that allow you to induce a positive return on investment so quickly as in marketplace selling. Don’t get greedy and do it immediately. concentrate on building a long-term business. eCommerce in SE Asia doubled last year. Just imagine what it’ll appear as if in 5-10 years.

Keep Your Inventory Up to Date and In Stock

Always do your best to stay inventory up thus far in order that you’re not over-selling. When you’re not proactively managing your inventory, two things can happen:

You can oversell and this can lead to you eager to cancel orders which have the danger of giving negative reviews.

You can sell out and this can lead to your product disappearing from search results. Your product going offline due to it being sold out has nearly the identical impact as your seller account happening in holiday mode. So don’t sell out otherwise you will lose all of your search rank boost from the past.

There is nothing more painful for a seller than selling out of a product that’s performing well so restocking it just to work out that sales velocity has dropped.

Prioritise Customer Satisfaction

Providing great customer service to customers can go a protracted way. It’s how you connect together with your customers and make first time buyers become permanent customers.

Always give the simplest assistance and seek reinforcement from that via 5-star reviews and positive seller reviews.

When you do online business, this also means you reply to your customer inquiries and other matters that require immediate attention. If you provide excellent service then you may leave a mark on them and would recommend you to other potential customers within the future.

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How Much is the Seller Fee in Lazada Philippines?

If you’re using a Lazada seller account, the lazada seller fees applicable are around 1 to twenty-eight. Currently, the fees for deliveries to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand are about 2%.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Lazada?

How much Lazada charge seller Philippines? Lazada does add commissions that generally range from 4% to eight. Therewith said, the speed is often 4%. Most of the opposite eCommerce marketplaces, including Shopee, have begun to charge commissions as competition is high and profit margins slim.

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Can I Sell in Lazada Without Business Registration?

Lazada business don’t charge new online sellers a registration fee. And for as low as PHP 10,000, you’ll be able to start selling and earning profits. you simply need a computer or smartphone, internet connection, and, of course, your products to sell and a checking account to receive payments.

How to sell in Lazada Philippines and here some steps for you:

  • Go to the Lazada seller center website.
  • Choose if you want to sign up as an individual or corporate seller> Provide your mobile number> Slide to verify the number.
  • Or if you already have an account you can go to Lazada seller login PH.
  • Fill in Account Information > Review the contract then click the checkbox< Click Sign Up.

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