Carousell is an online marketplace and has expanded in 8 countries. Are you curious on how to sell stuff on Carousell and how to ship items in Carousell? In this article, you will find the answer to all your queries. Let’s check these articles for all the information needed.

What’s Carousell?

Have you ever heard about the Carousell app? Some people must know what Carousell is? Carousell is an online marketplace and one of the most popular selling platforms in the Southeast Asian region. You can use this Carousell by using an app or website. Carousell was founded in Singapore in 2012 and has expanded to 8 countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

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What’s Benefits of Selling Item on Carousell?

How is the Carousell protection Philippines? Don’t worry, Carousell is secure so you can use it to sell your products there. Is Carousell legit Philippines? Beside it is secure, you can also get many advantages when selling items on the Carousell. Here are the benefits.

Marketplace Size

Now Carousell is one of the biggest marketplace platforms in the Philippines. Carousell has 196 million listings and 71 million items sold among 6 million monthly users in 2019. As you can see, Carousell has many users which means you will get more opportunities to get your customers and boost up your sales.

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You can access the Carousell by using a website or app. It is also available for IOS and android users. You can also track your products listings easily by using the mobile phones. And the other function you can get is a chat feature which you can use to chat with your beloved customer in real time (as long as your customer is still online).

Ease of Use

The other benefits you can get when using Carousell is you can post and list your item you want to sell by using the app or website which only just take a few minutes to be done.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Carousell?

Is Carousell free? How much is the Carousell selling fee?  Here is the good news, Carousell remains free to use for all the Carousell users and the Carousell seller can sell multiple items and have 30 active listings for all categories at a time except property, autos, jobs and services.

If you have more than 30 active listings,your remaining listings will be saved in your profile as inactive. Once the other listings are sold, you can mark more as active and there is no charge for it.

How Do I Start Selling on Carousell?

Are you curious on how to sell on Carousell Philippines? The first thing you need to do is make your account. You just need to  click on the registration link which you can find at the upper right side of the webpage and the sign up box will appear. You can also sign in with your Facebook account, email account and also mobile phone numbers.

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After you fill in your data and Carousell payment method you want to choose, click submit. Once you have signed up your account. You can start selling and posting your products in Carousell. Here are the steps

  • Click on sell.
  • Upload the picture of your products that you want to sell.
  • Choose the more relevant category for your listing.
  • Type in the products description and also the measurement.
  • Fill in the details of shipping include the courier option.

How Do I Sell My Carousell Safely?

Are you interested in selling things in Carousell? Here are the tips for you!

Delete and Re-list Items That Has Been up for a Year 

Everyone can see how long your products have been in your listing. Usually customers will not be interested when the product has been up for a year. That’s why you need to delete them and re-list other products which can attract their attention.

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Use the Relevant Keywords in Your Product Listings 

Customers usually find the products they want on the search result. That’s why you need to put the relevant keyword to your products. You can also use hashtags to help the customer find the products easier. By using the relevant keyword, you will boost up the searchability of your listings.

Get Your Potential Buyers to Make an Offer

Once the offer is accepted, buyer and seller can leave the reviews and feedback. Try to find your potential buyer and don’t forget to reply to them politely.

Broadcast Your Products Listings in Carousell Groups

What are Carousell groups? Carousell groups allow you to promote the products you sell to a specific customer. For your information, Carousell doesn’t allow the seller to create their own group but you can try if you want to.

How Do I Sell My Carousell Fast?

Are you curious on how to sell on Carousell fast? The thing you know is you need to find the best selling products or in the trend product to sell fast in Carousell. You can sell anything in Carousell as long as it’s acceptable in listing rules.

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Here are some popular items for your reference:

  • Clothes.
  • Bags.
  • Accessories/Jewelry.
  • Home accessories.
  • Home appliances.
  • Beauty products.
  • Collectibles.
  • Antiques things.
  • Electronics.
  • Books and other school needs.

After you find what products you want to sell, you need to do the things below:

  • Take a good and clear picture of your products.
  • Describe your item accurately.
  • Set the right expectation for the customers.
  • Use the competitive pricing.
  • Take care of your customers.
  • Be flexible with payment method and shipment.


Carousell is one of the popular markets in the Philippines. You can sell many items there such as clothes, bags, accessories,jewelry,home accessories, home appliances, beauty products,books and other products as long as it is not prohibited in the Carousell listing rules and the important thing is you can list up your 30 products for free in the Carousell.

You will get many benefits too when using this Carousell application to sell your products in the Philippines.

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