Are you trying to make websites and confused on how to find keywords for SEO. You go to the right sites. As you know, keywords are an important element in SEO which help you connect the searchers to your site. So, you need to find a good keyword to your sites. Are you curious? Let’s check this out!

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What Are Keywords In SEO And Why Are They Important?

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Many Indonesian people type “keyword adalah” in google to research keyword meaning. So what is the SEO keyword? SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make the user find your ads or website easier in Search Engine. 

Keywords are one of the important elements in SEO which will help you connect the searchers to your site. To create a good keyword, you need to do some research on what people are interested in, and how people look at the products, services or information that you offer. After you know what they want and looking for, you can do the keyword finder. 

Keyword tools and SEO are connected when we talk about the marketing campaign which can help your site get a higher rank than the competitors. Beside that, keywords are foundational for all SEO efforts. This is why finding and developing keywords is the most important step in any search engine optimization initiative. 

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How Many Keywords Should I Use For SEO?

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Actually there is no term saying that you have to insert many or less keywords in SEO but it is better for you to add a minimum of 5 keywords on your sites and make sure that you use the relevant keyword to your ads and sites. You can make the keyword group and split them in several parts such as headline, main paragraph ,the conclusion or other parts that you think might work.

Keywords play an important role in SEO. A relevant and great google keyword planner will help your sites rank. When the user types the keyword in SEO and your  keywords are relevant with the users, it will bring the user to your sites which will increase your CTR too. That’s why you need to do the web keyword research properly and don’t make the same mistake like the most beginner do when doing the keyword research such as:

  • Only doing SEO keyword research once
  • Not update and expand their SEO  keyword list
  • Targeting the too popular keyword 

What Are Good SEO Keywords?

Keywords are the ideas and topics that define what your content is about which will also help the searchers find your site. A good SEO keyword will need a relevancy, authority and volume to your ads. You can use the keyword tool pro apk to help you to find a good SEO for your sites. How to choose a good SEO keyword? Here are the steps you need to take.

Understand The Three Main Factors To Choose A Good Keyword.

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Before you do semrush keyword research, you need to understand three important factors such as  :

  • Relevance – your content and ads will rank if your keywords relevant with the searchers need
  • Authority – google will provide more weight to sources which it deems authoritatively. This means you must do all you can to be an authoritative source by providing useful and helpful information.
  • Volume – volume is measured by monthly search volume (MSV) which means the number of times the keyword is searched per month across all audiences.

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Check Your Keyword In Each Bucket 

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It is important to check your keyword whether you have a mix of head terms and long-tail keyword generator  terms or not because it will give you a keyword strategy that is balanced with long term goals and short term wins.

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See How Competitors Are Ranking For The Keywords

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You don’t need to copy your competitors keywords because you don’t know whether it will work for your sites too or not. Just because your competitor has a good keyword, doesn’t mean you need to copy it to your sites. You need to understand that your competitors’ keyword rank is gonna help you to make the list of keywords evolution.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner To Remove The Useword Keyword

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You have done with keyword explorer and got many keywords for your sites. Now it is time to cut down the useless keyword from the keyword list. You need to narrow down your list to get more quantitative data.

How Do I Find Seo Keyword Opportunities?

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You might be curious on how to find the best seo keyword for your sites. Here are the strategies to help you to find the keyword opportunities:

  • Step 1 : Make a list of important and relevant topics based on your business
  • Step 2 : Fill in the topics with bucket of keyword that you have found
  • Step 3 : Understand how intent affects keyword research and analyze 
  • Step 4 : Do a research which related to the search item 
  • Step 5 : Use keyword research tools to help you 

How Do I Add Seo Keywords To My Website?

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Before adding your SEO keywords to your website. You need to find your best keyword first. You can use the keyword tools for better SEO which you can get

  • More SEO keywords
  • Targeted SEO Keywords 
  • Grouping SEO Keywords

Here are the way to add SEO keyword to your website

  • Open the web page in a text editor. You can use WordPad or Notepad to see the HTML code
  • Locate the “” tag at the top of the HTML code
  • Insert “” without the beginning and ending quotes under the tag and before the tag
  • Insert your keywords between the double quotes next to the content and separate them with commas
  • Save the web page and close the text editor
  • Then open the Web page inside a web browser to test it whether it works or not


Keywords are the main and important part when you make a website. You need to find a relevant keyword and input them to your sites. A good  keyword will bring you a higher rank. That’s why finding the suitable and relevant keyword is a must.

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