eBay is the only eCommerce marketplace in the Philippines that currently facilitates both outward and inbound cross-border trade. International standard shipping on eBay allows for shipments to more than 210 countries, provides improved tracking visibility, and incorporates late delivery protections for standards, service metrics, and customer feedback.

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What is eBay?

It is an American international e-commerce organization with its headquarters in San Jose, California, that enables sales between consumers and businesses through its website. eBay Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. eBay was started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most remarkable success stories of the dot-com bubble.

eBay is a popular online shopping destination that is best known for its auctions and direct-to-consumer transactions. It’s also highly popular with internet merchants who use it as a sales channel to generate revenue. eBay is offered in a plethora of nations throughout the world. By entering your zip code, you can, on the other hand, search for products that are available in your local region.

eBay, in particular, is an auction house and marketplace that only facilitates the selling of items between third-party buyers and sellers through the use of auctions. Buy-it-now websites allow buyers to look for products they want to purchase from a large number of individual vendors and then place bids on those products in individual auctions.

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Does eBay Global Shipping Ship to Philippines?

Under the Global Seller Program, a seller’s listings are displayed to eBay buyers all over the world. In advance of a sale, eBay automatically calculates the international shipping cost, customs, taxation, and projected delivery dates, and includes them in the listing that is visible to the international buyer. The seller does not share any of this information directly to the buyer itself.

In terms of convenience, the GSP is excellent for sellers. Nothing needs to be done in the way of customs forms, duties and taxes to be calculated, or overseas deliveries to be planned. In the event that a seller’s items are lost or damaged during the international portion of their voyage, they will still be guaranteed five stars for delivery time and will not receive any bad comments relating to shipping.

For buyers, GSP opens the door to a wider range of overseas products, with the whole cost of the product, including shipping, tariffs, and taxes, disclosed up front. Because all fees and taxes have been disclosed and paid in advance, shipping and customs clearing should be quick and simple. Buyers, on the other hand, may find the Global Shipping Program to be prohibitively expensive — but more on that later.

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How Much Does eBay Charge for Global Shipping?

Although there is no fee to use the Global Shipping Program, sellers will still be responsible for their standard eBay and PayPal fees, which will be deducted from the selling price (but not on the additional fees that the buyer pays).

Buyers can see an estimate of shipping and import charges on the listing, which are then validated during the checkout process. These fees are paid directly to Pitney Bowes by the buyer to cover the costs of shipping, handling, customs duties, taxes, brokerage, and any other foreign fees that may apply.

There is no direct communication between vendors and buyers on their final purchase price, although this information is included on the packing slip that sellers print out, as this information is needed to comply with customs regulations. The amount that sellers receive is the sum of the item price plus any domestic shipping fees that they charge to customers. Exactly as with a domestic transaction, this money flows directly from the buyer’s pocket.

Because returns are not covered by the GSP and can be quite expensive, sellers must think carefully about how they will handle returns.

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Who Pays for eBay Global Shipping?

That person who is selling something. Following receipt of your payment, the seller will dispatch your item to the global shipping center. It is then emailed to you via the internet. When you make a payment, your payment will be divided into two separate transactions: The first payment is made to the seller in order to cover the cost of the item as well as any domestic shipping expenses incurred in order to ship the item to the global shipping center.

As with any optional program, whether or not to participate is entirely dependent on your company’s requirements and objectives. It is likely that your buyers will be discouraged from purchasing from you through the GSP if you sell little, lightweight things of low value. The price of the item may be greatly outweighed by the cost of the program to be used.

In terms of how long it takes, The usual expected time of arrival is 31 Days. But for items that are near you already, you may expect them within 7 days. For shipments to the United States, Australia, and a few other destinations from a number of countries, eBay has extended the estimated delivery date (EDD). The modifications are being driven by the current state of international shipping traffic, and they will reduce the likelihood of delays for sellers

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