Lazada bonus is one of the promotion tools that sellers can use to attract their customers to buy things in their Lazada stores. Are you curious on how to redeem Lazada bonus? Let’s read this article to get more information about Lazada bonus and how to redeem it. Check it out!

What Is the Lazada Bonus?

Bonuses and discounts really work to attract your customers to visit your stores. No one can refuse when getting the bonus and discount when buying things online. Bonus and discount is really effective when the product price is quite high. Beside that, it is also one aspect that affects your customer purchase decision. 

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Have you ever heard about Lazada Bonus? If not, you might be curious about what is Lazada bonus. So, Lazada bonus is one of the promotion tools that sellers can use to attract their customers to buy things in their Lazada stores. You might get the Lazada bonus on the 10.10 Lazada bonus campaign periods.

When you want to use the voucher discount, you need to read all the requirements carefully because there is a requirement like minimum purchase or only available for selected products only. This bonus and discount is a great marketing strategy to increase your sales.

For those who never get the Lazada bonus might be curious on how to use Lazada bonus badge. For your information, you can use and enjoy your Lazada bonus at any time but remember to make sure that you have reached all the requirements to apply for the Lazada bonus. 

The more you buy things in Lazada, the more Lazada bonus you will get. Another benefit is you can use your Lazada bonus together with other Lazada vouchers like Lazada store vouchers, free shipping vouchers, discount vouchers and many more.

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How to Get Lazada Bonus?

How to transfer Lazada bonus to Lazada wallet? Before we discuss it, you need to know how to get the Lazada bonus first. So, buyers can get the Lazada bonus by collecting it. The seller can also get it by enrolling under the promotion section in their seller account.

Here are the following steps you need to take when you want to use your Lazada bonus to buy things in Lazada,such as:

  • Collect the Lazada bonus by going to the Lazada homepage, category page, campaign page, product page, mission page and also My Cart.
  • Reach the minimum purchase of P1,000 for the Lazada bonus badge product to get 10% off. You can apply it together with another promotion like shop voucher,Lazada voucher and also discount voucher.

The more you buy, the more you save. When you reach the minimum purchase of P1,000, you will get 10% off which means you save P1,00. So, if you buy P2,000, you will save P200. So, if you want to get the Lazada bonus, of course you have to download your Lazada application and create your account.

Steps How to Redeem Lazada Bonus

Can I use my Lazada bonus to purchase? Absolutely yes, you can use your Lazada bonus to purchase things in Lazada but before you can use it, you need to redeem it first. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to redeem a Lazada bonus such as:

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  • Step 1 – Login to your Lazada application using your electronic devices.
  • Step 2 – Find the items you want to buy during the promotion period and add them to your Lazada shopping cart.
  • Step 3 – Click your Lazada shopping cart to open it and choose the products you want to buy using the Lazada bonus you have.
  • Step 4 – Find other products to help maximizing your discount.
  • Step 5 – Then you can place your order by checking out the items.

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Is Lazada Bonus a Discount or a Cashback?

Before you ask about how to cash out Lazada bonus, you might be curious what the Lazada bonus will be. So, Lazada bonus will provide the savings when you buy things in Lazada which is a discount for buyers and not a cashback. But you need to remember that only the products that join the Lazada bonus program will have a discount.

Is There a Section for Lazada Bonus?

You can view the Lazada bonus status by going to your Lazada account and clicking vouchers. Then you need to select the Lazada Bonus tab. In this section you can see how much Lazada bonus amount you have and collect more. The question is can I convert Lazada bonus to cash? The answer is no, you can’t cash out the bonus but you can use the bonus to deduct your shopping bills in Lazada.

How if I cancel my order in Lazada, what will happen to my Lazada bonus points. Regarding this matter, you don’t need to worry because you can get the Lazada points back but this only happens when you use it during the Lazada sales campaign period.

What Are the Seller and Product Criteria for Lazada Bonus?

There is no fixed criteria for seller and product criteria because it might change from time to time but don’t worry because see the terms and conditions applied under the seller page. You will be able to see the specific product requirements there. You can also include all the products in your stores too.

Once you know there is a Lazada bonus, you have to collect it. You can collect the Lazada bonus during the Lazada promotion like 9.9 or 10.10 and other Lazada campaign periods. Please note that the promotion dates for each county are different but you can keep checking it by visiting the Lazada app.


Lazada bonus is one of the effective strategies you can use to attract customers and increase your sales. How to use Lazada bonus Philippines? You can only use it when you have redeemed the Lazada bonus vouchers and fulfill all the requirements applied in the vouchers. You can use your Lazada bonus to purchase things in Lazada but before you can use it, you need to redeem it first.

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