Are you into online shopping and always paying for the original price of every item you buy? You can save lots of cash if you get to know what is voucher code in Lazada and how to redeem them. Now consider yourself lucky because we will be giving you every information you need to know about different types of voucher codes and how to enter voucher code in Lazada. So make sure you keep reading this. 

What is a Voucher Code?

Since the invasion of online shops and marketplaces, hopping has become easier and more enjoyable. It just feels as if the world is at our fingertips, we can have everything we dreamed for just in one single click. However, this easiness often costs us to break our bank accounts so we can continue buying. 

This is where you need the presence of discount codes or voucher codes. So what exactly is a voucher code? A voucher code simply is a code, made up of a series of letters and numbers which you can enter when you are going to check out your favorite product to claim money off the price of goods or services. 

In short, it is offering you more products for a better deal. This trick is often used by retailers to:

  • Improve sales of particular products.
  • Increasing turnover at specific times.
  • Maintain the buyer’s interest and keep the buyer to keep shopping from their store.

Some codes might come with certain terms and conditions, such as:

  • One user per transaction.
  • Excluding certain products.
  • Only applicable after purchasing up to some minimum amount, etc.
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What Does a Voucher Mean in Lazada?

Now after knowing the general meaning of the voucher code, you might also want to know about Lazada’s voucher. In Lazada, a voucher is often used as a promotion tool where the seller offers discounts on certain products to improve customers’ purchases.

Lazada has three kinds of vouchers divided as:

  • Platform Voucher: the type of voucher sponsored by Lazada like the Lazada first time user vouchers or the free shipping vouchers.
  • Seller Voucher: seller voucher is the type of discount offered by Lazada’s sellers in the hope to increase their traffic and sales.
  • Payment Voucher: this type of voucher will automatically be added to your order once you have selected certain payment methods that have affiliates with the store. An example of this type of voucher is Gcash Lazada Voucher.

To create a seller voucher, the seller needs to visit Lazada Assistant Seller Center and go to the Seller Voucher section in the Promotion menu. To know more about this, you can refer to our other article regarding the Lazada seller voucher

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What are The Different Voucher Types?

Generally, there are three different types of Lazada vouchers, for example:

Voucher Code

As we have mentioned above, a voucher code combines a series of letters and numbers which once entered, you will be eligible for some money off (get a discount) or special offers (for example, buy 1 get 1).

When using a voucher code, the buyer must enter the Lazada voucher code PH into the “Voucher Code Box” at the checkout page so the availability of the offer can be used. 

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Collectible Vouchers

Collectible vouchers are the type where the customers will collect the available voucher and save them in their wallets. This collectible voucher will automatically be applied when customers are about to make a check-out.

Usually, there are four different places customers can find collectible vouchers, example:

  • A regular channel where the voucher can be seen at the seller’s store and PDP.
  • Store follower where the voucher can only be used once the user or potential buyer clicks the “follow button”.
  • Offline voucher where the ticket is distributed to the specific customers by sharing a voucher link, of course, you have to be extra careful, make sure you got the link from the trusted source to avoid skimming and fraud.
  • Live steam voucher where customers could only find the voucher once entering certain live stream rooms.

Shipping Fee Voucher

Also known as the Free Shipping voucher is a program where the shipping fee from seller to buyer will be shoulder by Lazada. If you found a product banner with the ” Free Shipping” icon attached, then it means that the certain product is offering free shipping services.

Buyers can also check whether the item comes with complimentary shipping on the product page or buyers can also visit the special Free Shipping section to look for which item offers free shipping.

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You can also visit the Voucher menu and look for any Lazada free shipping voucher code. However, in some cases, buyers will have to meet the minimum spending amount to be legitimate for claiming the free shipping. 

There will also be some shipping discounts without minimum spend that you can collect on the “Daily Free Shipping” page where Lazada would shoulder PHP 40 for the total shipping fee. An example of voucher code in Lazada for a shipping discount with no minimum spend can be seen in the image below:

If you wish to know how many Lazada voucher code PH you have already collected, you can do the followings:

  • Go to the Lazada App Homepage and tap the “Vouchers” icon.
  • Tap the “My Voucher” menu.
  • Under the “My Vouchers” page, you will see every voucher that you have already collected.

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Voucher code is a tool presented by Lazada to help sellers attract more customers and increase their sales. All sellers of Lazada (except retail sellers) will be able to create vouchers. As for the customers, every customer can enjoy the voucher discount as long as they are meeting the requirements set by the seller.

In case your voucher is not working, then it might be because:

  • The voucher is already expired (e.g: You can’t use Lazada voucher code 2021 in the year 2022) or, the future has already been fully consumed.
  • The voucher is single-use and you have already used one before.
  • The voucher does not apply to the item that you want to purchase.
  • The voucher doesn’t meet some other requirements, for example, the voucher is only for new users, consumers have to spend a certain amount to be able to claim the voucher, the voucher is exclusive to Lazada Mobile App users, or the voucher is only applicable if the purchase is made from certain payment method (such as Cash or Lazada Wallet).

So, before applying the voucher code to your purchase, make sure you are using the Lazada voucher code 2022 and have met the other requirements. For more beneficial offers, you might also love to get to know more about the Lazada Bonus Program in the Philippines

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