As a result of people being stuck at home due to the COVID-19, the online business industry boomed. E-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada experienced massive growth while helping thousands of Filipinos find business success on the online marketplace. Aside from being places where individuals can easily buy and sell goods, these e-commerce platforms provide merchants with promotional tools in order to really connect with their customers. 

So whether you’re an up and coming online merchant looking for some online event promotion ideas or a seasoned entrepreneur looking for some creative marketing examples, this article has got you covered. The article will be going through how you can transform the tools on Shopee and Lazada into out of the box ideas for marketing to help elevate your online businesses.

6 Ways To Maximize E-commerce Promotional Tools

Admittedly, even some experienced online merchants aren’t aware of the many features on these platforms that can really make having to come up with ecommerce promotion ideas a breeze. In reality though, these tools aren’t even hard to find. In fact, almost every time you open the platform it’s one of the first things you’ll see. 

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Draw Crowds With Discounts

Discounts are one of the most basic sales promotion ideas for retail yet it’s still widely considered one of the best online promotion ideas. Reducing your potential revenue through discounts can be disheartening, almost nothing draws the attention of a potential customer better than a reduced price. While you gain slightly less revenue with one purchase, you gain a customer who’s now more inclined to go back to you for his/her needs.

One of the reasons for Shopee and Lazada’s popularity is because of the frequent sales held on the platform. As such, consumers on the platform are always on the lookout for discounts that they can take advantage of. So the more discounts you place, the more attractive your products and your store becomes to consumers.

Vouchers To Create Value

If you’re looking for effective online business promotion ideas you can’t go wrong with using vouchers for products on your online store. Vouchers on these ecommerce platforms can create a lot of value for consumers, and for your store too. For consumers who can get their hands on them, it can provide them with benefits like product discounts, free shipping, or even bonus products.

What makes vouchers especially great in the realm of online sales promotion ideas is that merchants can control how many times they are used. As a result, you’re able to generate attention and exposure for your brand without having to lose too much revenue. And with consumers on these ecommerce platforms always looking for ways to maximize value, you’ll easily draw them in through the use of vouchers.

GWP As Your Keys To Succeed

GWP or “Gift with Purchase” are sure ways to turn customer heads to your store. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want a free gift, especially with something they’re already going to buy. These promos help generate value for your products that your customers can very physically see.  The gifts themselves don’t even have to be truly pricey because even the smallest ones can make your store really stand out.

Flash Sales For Fast Growth

The very moment you open your Shopee or Lazada app as a customer, you’re greeted with a giant, eye-catching banner filled with products labeled as being on “Flash Sale.” The products here have large discounts applied to them and are extremely attractive for any ecommerce shopper with some cash to throw around. If you can get your products up on this banner, you’ll be attracting customers to your products and your store in no time.

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Upgrade Customer Experience With Cashless Payment Benefits

Shopee and Lazada constantly prefer that consumers pay their transactions through various cashless payment services like online wallets or credit cards. The reason for this is because they themselves gain from partnerships with these services and it makes money move around more quickly and more efficiently. With this preference in mind, they offer different benefits like discounts or vouchers to convince buyers to do  so.

As an online seller, you can take advantage of this. By cooperating with the platforms and giving additional bonuses to your customers, not only will you be receiving your payments more quickly and efficiently but you’ll also be attracting more customers because of the added value that your store will be providing especially if they’re already using these cashless payment services.

Double Digit Sales For Double Digit Growth

One of the biggest, most-awaited events on Shopee and Lazada are their double digit sales. On days when the number of the month matches the number of the day, that’s when most stores and products go on massive sales. So on these days, buyers and sellers flock to the platform to buy things that they want and need. As an online entrepreneur, this is something you’ll really want to keep your eyes peeled for.

Using these massive events to your advantage is one of the absolute best online store promotion ideas that you’ll ever encounter. What you’ll want to do is to take advantage of all the tools mentioned earlier in this article to generate as much exposure as you can for your store. Other merchants will be competitive so you need to make your store stand out from the crowd, and draw the attention of all those online shopaholics.

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