Ecommerce and online selling has become extremely popular all across the world. Ecommerce platforms like Lazada have helped countless Filipinos find success amidst the difficult times of the pandemic. With the growth of online shopping having no end in sight yet, you too should take advantage of ecommerce and start selling online. 

As mentioned earlier, Lazada is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms right now and has helped countless online sellers realize business success. This is because the platform has a variety of advantageous and effective features for both buyers and sellers. One of these features is the LazMall option which allows shoppers to buy verified products while helping boost the sales of big-time sellers.

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What are the Lazada Seller Types?

There are 3 different types of sellers in Lazada Philippines. First is the Marketplace Seller, the LazMall sellers, and Delivered by Seller. 

Sellers on Lazmall are compensated with a 5 percent fee on every sale, but there are a variety of benefits to being a seller. Among these benefits are the ability to participate in Exclusive LazMall promotions as well as the availability of additional seller resources. They have also helped to improve the rankings of product searches.

The Lazada Marketplace Seller program, on the other hand, is open to both individuals and corporations selling on the platform. When you sell on the marketplace, you’ll pay no commission and will have access to a variety of seller tools, training, campaigns, and other resources that can help you significantly enhance your business operations.

The Delivered by Seller category, formerly known as Seller Own Fleet (SOF), is intended for sellers who fulfill their deliveries through their own services or couriers. Sellers who fall into this category are typically those who are a part of Lazada Fresh, those who sell in bulk, or those who have specific shipping agreements for their customers.

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What is LazMall Lazada Philippines?

LazMall is a carefully chosen collection of prominent international and local brands, as well as top-rated online companies and authorized brand distributors, all in one convenient location. You will get the best online shopping experience possible when you shop on LazMall – it will be like shopping at your favorite department store and online brands in one convenient location.

What is LazMall’s Return and Refund?

There is a guaranteed 30-day return period for LazMall sellers. There are also refund types and periods that you need to take note of.

Different Types of Refunds

Depending on the sort of refund you request, Lazada will process your request as follows:

  • Refunds for orders that have been canceled – Once a cancellation has been successfully completed, a refund is instantly triggered. 
  • Refunds for returned items – A refund is made after Lazada has completed a quality assessment of the returned item. Payment for any COD orders will be returned via Lazada Wallet. Please see our Return Policy for more information on how to return an item. 
  • Refunds for unsuccessful deliveries – The refund process begins as soon as the item is returned to the vendor. Please keep in mind that depending on where you reside and how far away your delivery address is, this may take longer.

Refund Period

In the time limit for Refunds, please keep in mind that the time frame listed below begins after Lazada has completed processing your refund in accordance with your Refund tурe.

Here are the varying time frames: 

  • Credit Card – within 5 – 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) (depending on your bank policy).
  • Debit Card – within 45 banking days of receiving the card (depending on your bank policy) In less than 24 hours, Lazada Wallet (Cash on Delivery and Wallet payment) will be processed. 
  • GCash – within 1 – 3 days of receiving the funds


The return period has been extended to 30 calendar days from the date of delivery, and buyers will now have the option to start a return by selecting the Return/Refund icon on their Lazada app if they have any difficulties with their order. If the order is delivered before June 28, it will be subject to the 15-day return policy. Orders delivered from June 28th onwards will be subject to the 30-day return policy.

Method and Timeframe of Returns

The process and timescales for buyer refunds will remain unchanged after the process has been commenced. Lazada will continue to manage returns and conduct quality checks before issuing a refund to the buyer in the future. b. Reasons that are permissible: Returns will continue to be accepted for the same reasons. c. Items that are ineligible: Except for the Non-Returnable Items (such as digital goods) and Refund Only Items (such as intimate clothes such as swimwear and underwear; grocery/food items).

Commission Charge Rate for LazMall Sellers

Yes, LazMall sellers are charged a commission rate of up to 5 percent for each product they sell on the site. The percentage fee is calculated based on the item price MINUS promotional charges, PLUS the shipping fee that the consumer has paid to the vendor (2.24 percent Vat Inclusive). Please see this article for more information on how the computation is done.

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How to be a LazMall Seller?

  • Go to the Lazada homepage to begin shopping. To sell on Lazada, select “Sell on Lazada.”
  • Fill out the LazMall seller registration form (please do this only if you are a brand owner or an authorized reseller). It is necessary to complete the necessary procedures in order to become a member otherwise.)
  • Fill out the form with your information. Sign-up is completed after you have checked the Terms and Conditions box.

FAQs for LazMall Sign Ups

  • How long does it take to complete the registration process? You will have to wait around three weeks for the Lazada team to decide whether or not to accept or reject your request.
  • Is it possible to be a seller on Lazada and a seller on LazMall at the same time? No. There is no way to open a separate Lazada selling account once you have registered with LazMall as your primary shopping destination. Those who have previously sold on Lazada and have upgraded to a LazMall account are unable to revert to their previous account.
  • What method will be used to notify you of the outcome of your application? If you have registered, you will get confirmation of your registration through email.
  • What documents are required for you to provide in order to proceed with the process? The following items must be submitted: company information, logo and banner templates; a trademark certificate if the company is the brand owner; a permission letter if the company is an authorized reseller.
  • Is it true that joining up with LazMall automatically qualifies you to become a LazMall seller? No. In order to find out the status of your registration, you must wait for confirmation from Lazada.

Requirements to be a LazMall Seller

Your brand or trademark must be registered, and you must be able to show proof of authenticity. You must also provide a 15-day return policy to customers. Keeping a high seller rating is important. Order cancellations should be kept to a minimum. On-time delivery on a consistent basis. High response time in the chat room is a must.  Every month, at the very least 30 orders should be received.

Benefits of Being a LazMall Seller

Customers will be able to see the LazMall emblem on your products throughout the entire customer experience. Increased presence on the homepage (and usually better search rank)

Access to LazMall initiatives, such as the Mega Campaign barter scheme, that are not available to the general public.

Seller’s name will be included in the LazMall brand-specific distribution channel. Seller Picks allows you to include up to six products (Instead of only three for Marketplace sellers). Gets access to Golden Slots as well as Marketing Solutions. Sellers on LazMall can also take use of complimentary services from a customer service team that is entirely dedicated to LazMall customers.

In the event of a product return, Lazada will manage the entire procedure from start to finish through the Lazada warehouse. Depending on their location, the latter can also choose to have their purchases picked up by Lazada workers at their convenience.

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