Given the popularity of Lazada, you’re now probably wondering how to start selling on the platform. Not to worry though because this article will help you do exactly that. So you’ll need to follow a bunch of important steps in order to do so.

How to Become a Lazada Seller?

First, you go to the official site of Lazada and then look for the “Sell On Lazada” option on the upper part of the home page. Click it. Then from there, you will be led to a new page with a  “become a seller now” option along with the advantages of doing so on their platform. Click on it and continue on to the following page.

Choose how on the platform you wish to sell. Generally speaking, if you merely want to sell with your own small shops locally, click on “Marketplace.” You will then have to check your country and telephone number on the next page. Slide the verification slider to open the next stages. Once done  the application form will be revealed, where you must provide your business details, billing address and so on. 

After the information for the page is completed, please submit and follow the next step. But first, tick the Terms & Conditions box and enter your cellphone number with the verification code before you click the ‘Sign Up’ button again.

Download, sign, and upload the seller contract, along with the relevant documents stated on the page. To verify your seller’s account, check your email and change your password. You are now ready to start your Lazada business. Follow the training materials to discover the best practices and problems that you may encounter on the platform as a merchant.

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How Many Seller Types Does Lazada Philippines Have?

Lazada Philippines has three main seller types that you can choose from to start selling on the platform. Those types include: LazMall, Marketplace, and Delivered by Seller. You need to know these types of sellers in order to identify which one you should aim for based on perks as well as functions. 

What is a LazMall Seller?


So the first seller type on Lazada is Lazmall. Lazmall is targeted for registered rand owners or authorized distributors. Lazmall sellers pay a 5% commission whenever they sell but being one comes with a number of advantages. These advantages include being able to participate in Exclusive LazMall campaigns and benefit from additional seller tools. They also have boosted product search rankings.

What is a Lazada Marketplace Seller?

The Lazada Marketplace Seller on the other hand is open to both Individual and Corporate sellers. As a marketplace seller, you’ll be able to sell with a 0% commission fee and you’ll be given free access to seller tools, training, campaigns, and much more that will help you greatly improve your business.

What is Delivered by Seller?

The Delivered by Seller type, known previously as Seller Own Fleet (SOF), is meant for sellers using their own services or couriers to fulfill their deliveries. Sellers of this type are usually for those part of Lazada Fresh, those who sell Bulk-sized items, or have special shipping arrangements for their orders.

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Tips to Expand Your Online Business on Lazada Philippines

Now that you’ve gone over how to start selling on Lazada as well as the types of sellers on Lazada you are now probably wondering how to expand your business on Lazada. Lucky for you, this article has a number of tips to help you do exactly that.

Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Most shoppers rely on product reviews before shopping. Always check for comments, whether it is pleasant or bad, and manage to maintain your rating in good standing proactively. A constant review of your client feedback ensures your business has a positive reputation.

Use Discounts and Promotions to Boost Your Product Sales

When you’re starting out, selling your products can be quite difficult. There are no product reviews and no history of sales. It is not easy to get customers to trust such a product listing. Discounts might assist you overcome it and become noticed when the product is launched.

Properly Manage your Inventory 

Always do what you can to maintain your stock  regularly and in an up to date manner so you don’t over-sell. Nothing is more unpleasant to a seller than selling a good product and retrofitting it just to realize that the speed of sales has slowed.

Have Great Images of Your Products on Display

Product images are the first thing clients can see so you must ensure that high-quality photographs are displayed. Make sure your photographs are really faithful and give customers sufficient visibility/knowledge of what they will get.

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