Do you know that there’s a new program from Shopee that could be used by sellers to earn bonuses from their sales? Get to know more about Shopee’s new program named Shopee Suki as well as how to get Shopee Suki Code and gain lots of bonuses to level up your business profit!

What Is Shopee Suki Code?

As stated above, Shopee Suki is a program where Shopee PH Sellers can earn more bonuses from their sales. When a seller decides to join the Shopee Suki program, they will be given a code where they can share it with their customers. 

If a first time buyer completes an order at the seller’s shop, the seller will receive a bonus of 50 PHP. Not only that, there’s a bonus level which offers an additional bonus for sellers to earn.

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How To Get Shopee Suki Code

So, how to get Shopee Suki code? Actually getting this code is just as easy as activating your shop’s shipping options. We’ve got the step by step summarised to assist you, so here it is:

  • First, all you need is to run your Shopee App;
  • Then go to the “Me” tab which should be located at the bottom right corner of your phone’s screen;
  • After landing on your profile page, click on “My Shop” which located on the top left corner on your phone’s screen;
  • Now that you’ve been directed to your shop’s profile, kindly find “Shopee Suki” option and tap on it;
  • Make sure you’ve read all the terms and conditions before tapping on “Activate Now”.

See, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Just a few clicks and taps away and lots of bonuses awaiting to be claimed!

Terms And Conditions For Shopee Suki

If you think that the terms and conditions for Shopee Suki on the apps were too burdensome to read as it might seem too long for your liking, don’t worry because we have summarised it for you. 

Here’s the terms and conditions you need to understand before activating the Shopee Suki program:

  • Shopee Suki only applicable for Shopee Guarantee transactions;
  • This program only applicable for transactions which are delivered through integrated couriers;
  • The bonus of 100 PHP off for first time buyers making a minimum of 250 PHP order within the Shopee Market;
  • Shopee has right to amend or cancel this program at any time;
  • Program only available for in-app purchases.
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Eligibility Standards For Sellers

After reading the terms and conditions, now it’s time to look up for the eligibility in order to join this Shopee Suki program. This Shopee Suki program is eligible for any active seller of Shopee. To be considered as an active sellers, here’s some requirements from Shopee that you have to meet:

  • Is a registered Shopee sellers who had signed up for Shopee Suki within 30 days after verifying their account;
  • Sellers of Shopee that has no previous history of account suspension;
  • Have at least one visible items displayed on their store in Shopee platform;
  • Have already sold at least one time;
  • Sold item mentioned above only counted if there’s no return or refund request from the customer;
  • Delivery of sold items mentioned above should be done by integrated couriers.

If you have met all the conditions above, then you’re considered as one of the active sellers who’s eligible to register yourself for Shoppe Suki program.

Level Scheme Of The Shopee Suki Program

Initially, sellers will receive two kinds of bonuses. The first bonus being 50 PHP bonus where you will receive from buyers who completed a transaction for the first time in the Shopee platform. Aside from that, sellers will also receive a second bonus based on the seller’s current level in Shopee Suki’s program.

There are six levels of bonuses that you might want to take note of:

  • Level 0 is for 1 up to 9 completed orders each week. Unfortunately, if you’re still on this level, you won’t got second bonuses;
  • Level 1 is for 10 up to 49 completed orders each week. For the second bonuses you’ll gain is 500 PHP;
  • Level 2 is for 50 up to 74 completed orders each week. The second bonuses multiply two times from level 1, from 500 PHP upgraded to 1,000 PHP;
  • Level 3 is for 75 up to 99 completed orders each week. Seller will gain second bonuses as much as 1,500 PHP on this level;
  • Level 4 if sellers have completed orders of 100 up to 149 each week. At this level, sellers will gain second bonus of 4,000 PHP;
  • Level 5 is only for sellers who sold 150 and up completed orders each week with second bonuses as much as 7,500 PHP.

To put it simply, with the Shopee Suki program being activated, the more you complete your orders, the more extra bonus you will gain. Such an inviting offer, don’t you think?

Sample Computation Of Shopee Suki Rewards

So, how much exactly is the amount of bonuses that a seller will gain assuming they’re eligible and has been on the level where sellers could gain secondary bonuses? Well, here’s some study case:

Seller able to complete 100 orders from first time buyers in a week, the seller’s gain total of 4,000 PHP as a level bonus for level 4 Shopee Suki seller. The computation breakdown be:

(50 PHP*100 completed orders from first time buyers) + 4,000 PHP (reward from level 4 selling) = 5,000 PHP + 4,000 PHP = 9,000 PHP

The total bonuses you’ll gain for being able to complete 100 orders from a first time buyer in a week is 9,000 PHP! You can also apply this computation formulas for any other level of Shoppe Suki program.

How Can Sellers Earn From Shopee Suki?

To earn from Shopee Suki, once you as a seller have successfully registered for the program, you can share your code on your social media by tapping on the “Share Now” button. You can take advantage of the Shopee sale schedule to get more first time buyers willing to do some purchase.

As they got their 100 PHP off on their initial purchase and you get 50 PHP bonuses from each new Shopee registrant that purchases their first products from you, they will also be able to gain more juicy deals by using the Shopee voucher. A win-win solution for both parties.

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If you ever get curious on why the maximum earnings from Shopee Suki’s program as computed above is different from the one listed in the reward system when you first want to activate the program, then here’s some disclaimer you need to read.

The maximum earnings of 2,514,500 PHP that has been shown on the Shopee Suki page in Shopee App is referring to 50 PHP bonuses that you can get from the first time buyers who use your code for their purchases. Then the 7,000 PHP bonus indicated in the reward system pertains to the bonus that sellers will receive from their current Shopee Suki level.

Shall there be any other questions regarding this program, please don’t hesitate to contact Shopee Customer Service for other detailed assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Activate the Shopee Suki program for your account now and enjoy the juicy bonuses from Shopee!

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