Even if you are not a Shopee merchant, you will find this essay to be beneficial. What might be happening when a Shopee refund seller does not reply, what the seller has recommended in terms of Shopee return and refund, and or how to return an item in a Shopee self arrangement will be discussed.

You must maintain a high level of attention to detail when dealing with critical issues in your business. Simple things, such as making sure you follow Shopee Packaging Guidelines, are essential if you want to prevent returns and refunds as a Shopee Seller altogether. The better you handle these minor blunders, the less likely it is that you will be subjected to a penalty on Shopee.

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What is a Refund?

The process of returning previously purchased products to a retailer and receiving a refund in the original mode of payment, an exchange for another item (either same or different), or a shop credit is known as product return in retailing. When it comes to purchasing, a refund refers to the process of receiving money back after returning products. Returning things means returning them to the store; however, this is not required to receive money back.

 It can be used for a variety of reasons, including exchanges for different items or sizes, store credit, and, of course, a refund. In the context of taxes, a refund is a repayment by a government taxation authority for an overpayment of taxes made by the taxpayer. Customers who are dissatisfied with the goods or services they purchased might receive a refund from businesses and merchants in a broader sense.

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How to Refund in Shopee Philippines?

The only way to request a return or refund is if the conditions listed above are met, and if the “Order Received” button has not been pressed yet.

We ask that you please allow 24 hours for the couriers to update your order status if you have received your purchase but the status has not yet been updated and the Return/Refund option has not yet been activated.

In the event that the Buyer has already clicked on the “Order Received” button and wishes to request a return or refund, the Buyer must contact the vendor immediately.

It is possible that the return/refund process will differ based on the seller or product category you purchased from; however, the period for submitting Return/Refund requests is as follows:

Please keep in mind that you can only request a return or refund during the Shopee Guarantee period. Depending on the basis for your return/refund request, you can choose between two different methods of requesting a refund.

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How to Return Your Order via Self-Arrange?

Self-Arrange allows the buyer to choose their chosen courier to ship the item back to the seller after it has been returned. The buyer will be responsible for the return shipping charge (RSF) in the initial stages.

Once the return/refund process is complete, the shouldered RSF will be manually repaid to the customer. Please wait for an email from Shopee informing you that your RSF has been processed and will be reimbursed to you within 5-7 business days. If you have not received your RSF refund, please get in touch with Shopee Customer Support.

Due to the fact that this is a self-arranged transaction, Shopee has no way of tracking your shipment. Please work closely with your chosen logistics supplier to ensure a smooth transition.

Make care to ship the item out within 5 days of receiving it. As a reminder, please download and attach the return label that was supplied to you via email.

Upload a copy of the shipment proof:

  • The photo of the Request ID should be placed at the top portion of the airway bill (Please refer to A).
  • Photograph of the Parcel with the return label, proof of shipment, and identification of the Request ID with a marker are all required (Please refer to B).
  • Failure to provide your Request ID may result in the loss of your packages as well as the cancellation of your reimbursement request.

The Return/Refund Details page contains your Request ID, which you can find by scrolling down. When requesting a return or refund for a Shopee Mall order, select Shipping Option > Self Arrange > Confirm from the drop-down menu. Once Shopee notifies you through email and in-app that your return request has been accepted, select Shipping Option > Self Arrange > Confirm from the drop-down menu for non-mall orders.

Following the successful return of your item(s), Shopee or the seller will have three business days in which to respond to your return and refund request. A push notice will be sent to you informing you whether your request has been accepted or whether it will need to be looked into further.

Disputed cases in which returns will be processed through Self Arrange should be checked on your app to see if there are any updates from our Dispute agent. Occasionally, if your return parcel does not contain obvious identifiers (such as a Return Label or Request ID), we may attempt to contact you through SMS or phone call in order to try to identify the parcel and assist you in resolving your return issue. 

Please double-check your information before submitting it, since providing incorrect information may result in your return request being rejected.

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