Research about online selling in the Philippines shows that there is a consumer-driven economy, that’s the reason the use of eCommerce platforms has been increasing. According to research about online shopping, Filipinos will spend almost $12 billion on eCommerce platforms by 2025. So, the rapid growth of online shopping indicates tremendous opportunities for eCommerce players.

However, the continued rise in eCommerce platforms means you need to understand the intensified competition to make a better position in the competitive market. To stand in the highly competitive market, you need to sell the right products and understand the marketing strategies timely. 

In the Philippines during pandemic, e-commerce giants such as Lazada and Shopee are becoming more prominent in the market at a gradual pace. Despite the more relaxed situation then, many Filipinos remain alienated from online shopping. 

It wasn’t until a few months ago during the lockdown that online shopping has been amplified further and integrated further into the lives of Filipinos. In fact, a report published by Facebook has found that the e-commerce industry has been propelled further by the pandemic.

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What is The Best Online Selling in The Philippines?

From the looks of how things are going, it seems like online shopping is here to stay, and it will grow even bigger moving forward. Here are 6 best online selling in the Philippines.


This is a leading platform that has listed all the products under an umbrella. Founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet and is open in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A few years ago, the Chinese eCommerce giant Ali Baba acquired a great share and controlled Lazada and its operations in Southeast Asia.

Lazada has more than 3000 brands, which marks its huge spread of products available with them.


There is a wide variety of products offered ranging from clothing, electronics, pet foods, and other daily essentials.

This website provides a unique web experience and is present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Shopee was launched in the year 2015, in less than 2 years it had more than 11,000 sellers on the platform. It’s one of the largest platforms in Southeast Asia.


This website caters to the needs of Filipinos across the nation. It is amongst the top 10 based on the users and the traffic generated by the visitors.


The idea behind the Carousell was a mobile platform. The users were allowed to sell the products by selling any of their products.

Carousell is widespread across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong. Carousell was earlier known as OLX.

The company arranged for selling car accessories, tools, and appliances and extending to clothing, shoes, books, and craft supplies.

Presently they have jobs and services listed which can be availed by the users as a service for their business or home.


The eCommerce website is structured to provide all general product categories as it expanded to business-to-sales.

Initially, eBay is one of the leaders of US eCommerce websites that was locally available to Filipinos as eBay Philippines.

Consumers can find a host of products and can buy on a bidding basis or instantly can select the products.

There are chances of sellers choosing to sell the items they do not need. There is a security system, a buyer protection program, and also a feedback system in place.

Globe Online Shop

Globe online shop is an online store of Globe corporation which is one of the largest corporations in the Philippines.

Globe online shop is an online platform that offers products ranging from gadgets, mobile devices, apparel, and many offers.

They also offer products from the world-leading brands for their customers, thus increasing their base.

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Why is Online Selling Trend Nowadays?

Selling directly online increases your reach. With an online store, your profits are no longer limited by the number of customers that can physically visit your brick and mortar location. You can sell across towns, states, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations.

Your online store also allows you to cater to shoppers who find it more convenient to browse and buy at times when retail locations are not traditionally open. 

From the local studies research, online shopping can save time for both the buyer and retailer, reducing phone calls about availability, specifications, hours of operation or other information easily found on company and product pages.

An ecommerce system provides real time data and analytics about your products and your customers. You can see how people interact with the site, what products interest them, what they left in their cart and how much the average purchase was. 

Valuable metrics that allow you to make adjustments to meet your customer’s needs. Even if your product(s) don’t appear ideal for online sales, an ecommerce presence will help buyers discover your business.

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How Popular is Online Selling in The Philippines?

Online shopping has been a growing craze in the Philippines in the past few years. A study conducted as early as 2015 found that 9 out of 10 Filipinos customer satisfaction towards online shopping.

The same study found that convenience, cheaper prices and special deals were the leading reasons for the respondents’ preference for online shopping.

The market has rapidly grown since then. According to, the quantitative research about online shopping in the Philippines shows that there are at least 37.7 million e-commerce users in the country in 2018 from the 30.2 million estimated in 2016. The number is expected to rise to 53.8 million by 2022.

Statista’s e-commerce outlook henceforth estimates that there are currently at least 47.3 million e-commerce users in November 2018, yielding a revenue of $840 million.

The news about online selling in the philippines report published in May 2018 found that despite its growing popularity, the Philippines lags in terms of growth of e-commerce sales in the Southeast Asian region.

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Online shopping has many sites here in the Philippines. You can choose and find all you need without wasting your time traveling to the store or going to the mall to find the item or product you want. You only sit and have your computer with the internet and that’s it you can choose whatever website you want and see their sale item and discount product. 

Online selling in the Philippines during pandemic nowadays is very useful and helpful to those Filipinos who have no time to go out and shop. It is very convenient and sometimes it is cheaper compared to the mall price.

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