You can use Shopify email marketing to make email marketing campaigns and send them from Shopify. you’ll be able to design your emails to match your brand, and link on to products to share them along with your customers. All merchants with a paid Shopify subscription plan have 10,000 free emails to send at the start of each month.

There are a lot of topics surrounding it, such as navigation to Shopify email login, how Shopify email templates, Shopify email contact, Shopify login, Shopify features, Shopify pricing, and also how to send bulk email Shopify. But in this article, you are going to focus only on Shopify Email Marketing Apps. Let’s get into it.

What is Shopify Email Marketing?

From your Shopify admin, you’ll create and send emails directly from Shopify Email. you’ll customise or build your own branded templates. you’ll be able to also select which segment (group) of shoppers will receive your emails.

Draft emails save automatically while you edit, and won’t be sent until you confirm that the email is prepared. you’ll be able to also schedule emails prior to to assist yourself plan ahead for your store.

Email marketing, when done right, can generate plenty of revenue for your online retail business. Studies have shown that for each $1 you invest into email marketing, you stand to realise back $36. That’s astonishing!

Only some marketing channels compared to giving that much ROI. Apart from high ROI, investing in email marketing has numerous benefits too. More details on this shortly.

With that said, you wish to use the correct set of tools to determine meaningful results from email marketing. And one amongst such tools is an email marketing app.

Shopify email forwarding is like if you buy a domain through Shopify, or transfer your domain to Shopify, then you can set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses for free. Email hosting is a service that enables you to send and receive email messages at a custom email address.

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Why is Shopify Email Marketing Important?

No matter how optimised and conversion-focused your website is also, converting your website visitors particularly those visiting for the primary time into customers is hard work. The rationale is that almost all people coming to your website aren’t able to buy anything at that point; this includes old time visitors, too.

As a sensible Shopify merchant, the simplest thing to try and do is capture these visitors’ email addresses and follow them up in their inboxes.

This is where email marketing comes into play. Email marketing gives you the prospect to sell to visitors that you just would have otherwise lost forever. And it will be really effective.

As proof, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to retain their customer email Shopify and increase their lifetime value.

Also, email marketing can help come on your store’s AOV (Average Order Value). This is often the typical amount a customer spends on the orders made up of your store over a selected period.

Bottom line: email marketing can facilitate your acquisition of new customers and, at the same time, facilitate your get the foremost sales from your existing customers.

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3 Shopify Email Marketing Apps

Here are some of the best vetted Shopify campaign email marketing apps you can’t go wrong with.


Top on our list of best Shopify email app is Adoric. Before you think that we are biassed, you must know that Adoric comes with many features designed to assist Shopify merchants grow their stores.

One is our easy-to-use popup builder. It’s a design editor that enables you to make opt-in popups to get subscribers for your list. you’ll also use it to make popup campaigns to push your special sales offers and deals to your customers.

You can build these pop ups from scratch or pick a design from our library of over 1000 templates and edit it to your heart’s content. Adoric also comes with an exit-intent feature that enables you to acquire visitors attempting to exit your site. This feature helps to scale back cart abandonment in your store.

Seguno Email Marketing

Seguno comes packed with plenty of automated email campaign templates you’ll use on the fly. With these templates, you’ll be able to create a coming soon, discount reminder, welcome, repeat purchase, etc. email campaigns with some clicks of the button.

It also comes with a wise reporting tool from where you’ll see how your email newsletters and campaigns are performing. Additionally, Canva has been built into Seguno to create designing your email campaigns a seamless experience.

Shopify Email

As you may have guessed, Shopify Email could be a native email marketing app created and maintained by Shopify.

Shopify email marketing integration, this email marketing Shopify app allows you to send branded email messages right from your Shopify admin dashboard. And you’ll be able to easily customise the emails by adding CTA buttons or images however you would like.

On top of that, Shopify email makes it easy for you to schedule your email campaigns. you’ll even segment your campaigns to make sure they get to the correct audience.

Plus, it comes with a performance analytics tool that produces it easy for you to trace your click-through and conversion rates. The most effective part is that this app is entirely free, provided you don’t send quite 2,500 emails a month. If you do, you’ll have to pay $1 extra for each 1,000 extra emails you send.

Email Marketing Stats You Should Know

Here some of email marketing stats that you should know:

  • 21% of the emails are opened within the first hour of delivery.
  • 51% of companies use email automation and 41% of automated emails are welcome emails.
  • The average open rate for trigger emails is 46%.
  • 88% of smartphone users check their emails on their phone.
  • Emails with videos get 96% CTR.
  • 69% of individuals report spam supported email subject lines.
  • Segmentation gives a 50% increase in CTR.

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Shopify Email Marketing Challenges

There are some challenges to Shopify email marketing that we wish you to be ready for. And again, these challenges don’t seem to be hard to overcome; you simply have to know the correct direction to pass these hurdles seamlessly. So these are some challenges that you simply might face:

  • Low email deliverability rates.
  • Less open rates.
  • High spam complaints.
  • Low click-through rates.
  • High unsubscriber rates.

How to Optimize Email Marketing for Your Shopify Store

Low email deliverability is caused because of two main reasons: the emails visited the spam folder, or the web Service Provider blocked the emails. Don’t worry. Luckily, there are a pair of ways you’ll be able to confirm that you just can avoid this scenario.

Double Opt-in Process

Make sure that you just send emails to those that have agreed to air your email subscribers list. This plays a big role in your deliverability rate, and you must not take this lightly. make sure that your email list is filled with engaged users.

This is the perfect type of getting people’s consent to join up for your emails, because it comes with a secondary action from the potential subscriber to substantiate their subscription to your emails.

Send Valuable Emails

Never stress over the web Service Provider blocking your emails. specialise in the recipients. Think on the lines of what emails would be considered valuable.

Put your effort into ensuring that your email recipients are happy to receive your emails. The ISP will automatically not trouble your deliverability rate because the ISPs’ target is the end user’s comfort!

Set an Email Preference Centre

Once you get your potential email subscribers’ consent to your emails, the following thing you ought to do is ready up a preference centre. There are 3 types: a time-based preference centre, a content-based preference centre, and a hybrid preference centre.

These will facilitate your understanding how often a subscriber will wish to receive your emails; what quiet content they’re going to want to read too!

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As you’ll see, there’s a decent range of decent tools to assist you run targeted email campaigns to your Shopify customers. Which one you ought to use depends on what’s most vital to you.

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