How to create landing page in Shopify? Stop for a second and imagine what your store would look like if you could convert 8% of your existing traffic.

Crazy, right? Well, the thing is, with Shopify landing pages, achieving such seemingly impossible conversion rates is not at all out of the question.

Seriously, according to Unbounce, the average conversion rate for well-designed landing pages is 9.7%.

So, without further ado, let’s deep-dive into what a landing page is, why you should care, how to create a landing page in Shopify and how to optimize it too.

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What Is a Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page is a stand-alone page on your store designed around a specific conversion goal. But hold up. Isn’t that what a product page is

Well, not exactly. Technically a product page is a kind of a landing page. Lots of brands send traffic directly to product pages with solid results. But there’s a couple of key differences between product pages, homepages and landing pages. 

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To use an analogy, product pages are like a swiss army knife in that they’re a multi-purpose tool designed to capture the interest of a mixed-bag of browsers.

Landing pages, on the other hand, are like a surgical scalpel. They’ve zeroed in on one task to drive visitors to take a specific action.

Plus, unlike product pages, you can deploy landing pages at various stages of the buyer’s journey. For example, you can use them to:

  • Promote and sell a specific product.
  • Advertise a particular product collection.
  • Promote a sale or limited time offer.
  • Collect leads email addresses for drip campaigns.

Landing pages are typically composed of distinctive elements such as:

  • A headline and subheading.
  • A clear call to action.
  • Compelling visuals.
  • A unique selling proposition.

Importantly, landing pages also lack some common elements like navigational links, minimizing distractions from the task at hand.

Why You Need to Use Shopify Landing Pages

The most compelling reason to use landing pages is simply that they boost conversion rates by providing a more relevant experience to visitors. For example, let’s suppose you want to promote a Spring sale with Facebook Ads. 

You set up the goals, define your audience, and hit launch only to get a super high CPM and hardly any conversions. What’s going on? Well, the problem is that you’re advertising a spring sale but sending traffic to generic product pages.

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The post-click experience doesn’t match your ad creative. Customers landing on your product pages are probably confused and clicking away.  So, Facebook’s algorithm deems that your ad isn’t helping its users reach their goals.

If you were sending traffic to a made-for-purpose landing page, you’d fix this issue and convert more visitors. Using Shopify landing pages empower you as a merchant to do things like:

  • Get more specific with your offers.
  • Run A/B Tests to drive conversions higher.
  • Customize your brand experience.
  • Become more agile.

How to Create a Landing Page in Shopify

Now that to know what landing pages are and why you need them let’s look at three ways to implement them in your store:

The Most Basic Way to Build a Shopify Landing Page

The first and most basic way is to create a regular page and design it yourself using the principles of landing page design.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Shopify dashboard and hit ‘Online Store.’
  • Click ‘Pages’ in the dropdown menu.
  • Hit ‘Add Page’.

Now you can create a bare-bones Shopify landing page using images, videos and content relevant to your offer. You can also use this approach using Shopify’s product collections by creating different collections for your PPC campaigns to present more relevant post-click pages. 

Using Liquid to Create Custom Landing Pages

The benefit of creating a landing page free landing page template Shopify is that you’ll be able to customize each section in the theme editor with whatever content, products, and images you want.

However, on the downside, if you want multiple landing pages for different functions, you’ll need to build a separate template for each landing page, each with its own unique sections. Otherwise, any change landing page Shopify that you make to the template will show up on all your landing pages.

Use a Landing Page Builder for Shopify

Using a landing page builder allows you to create high converting landing pages without messing with code or paying a developer.

Plus, many landing page builders come loaded with advanced features like heat mapping, mobile responsive Shopify landing page templates and proven conversion elements.

For Shopify specifically, many landing pages are available for a monthly subscription which means you don’t need to invest much upfront capital to get started.

The Best Shopify Landing Page Builders

Best Shopify landing page builder? When talking about landing page builders for Shopify, there are two types of tools to know about: Page builders you can install from the app store and bolt-on builders. 

Let’s examine the most popular options for Shopify landing page examples:


PageFly landing page is the most popular landing page builder on Shopify, with over 100,000+ merchants using the app and more than 20+ integrations with other Shopify apps to boost sales.


Shogun Page Builder is dead easy to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. It is still powerful enough that lots of experienced designers and CRO professionals use it every day.

Shogun has got an intuitive drag and drop page interface that comes with an extensive library of landing page elements which makes it easy to build your pages quickly and easily. 


Unbounce is one of the best-known landing page platforms in the world. Unbounce has an intuitive drag and drop builder, plus over 100+ field-tested templates to match every conversion goal.


Leadpages is a super intuitive landing page builder and marketing software that helps small to medium-sized businesses capture leads, nurture them and turn them into customers.

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How Do I Optimize My Shopify Landing Page?

How to create a coming soon page on Shopify? Let’s start above the fold because if you don’t nail it and grab your visitors attention, they’ll simply click away:

Write a Killer Headline

Your headline is the magnet that pulls visitors in. There are many ways to write a great headline but the easiest is to summarize your product’s main benefit and address the biggest objection.

Convey Value with Your Subheading

Quip does this excellently with the sub-heading: Guide a lifetime of good habits with electric toothbrushes, refillable floss and more for the whole family. 

After reading this subheading, parents are no longer just buying a toothbrush like they could in the supermarket. Instead, they’re buying good habits for their kids, and that’s much more powerful.

Let People Visualize It

Visuals are a huge part of quality Shopify landing pages. Show off your product in all its glory.

Slather Social Proof

Adding social proof above the fold is a great tactic to add instant credibility to your brand.

Make the Next Step Obvious

A killer call to action is a must on every landing page. Your call to action represents your conversion goal.

It needs to be a button that’s highly contrasted to the background. In addition, you want to surround your CTA with plenty of white space so that it pops off the page.


In closing, always remember to build your page with your audience in mind. Both in terms of design and content, it’s crucial that you create the page for your ideal customer. Leverage the tactics and best practices that are covered above to create a page that converts like crazy and brings you more customers every single day.

Finally, remember never to stop testing your landing pages. It’s rare to create a home run landing page on the first try. The best landing pages result from relentless testing to uncover the magic mix of elements and content that inspires visitors to click.

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