How to create a Whatsapp business account? WhatsApp Business was released in 2018 and is specially designed for tiny businesses to let people use two accounts on the identical phone without having to use another standard WhatsApp account.

Employees can easily identify which app is for his or her personal use and which one is for business purposes since WhatsApp Business features a different logo.

Can I convert my Whatsapp to a business account? WhatsApp Business also comes with the “Quick Reply” feature, which lets people send predefined replies regarding commonly asked questions. Besides “Quick Reply,” WhatsApp Business also comes with the aptitude to send greeting messages and away messages, to label conversations and other features.

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Many companies are enticed to use WhatsApp Business since it allows them to send messages on to their clients’ devices, professionally and free from charge, as long as they need an online connection.

With WhatsApp’s popularity outside the sector, it made the app desirable for companies, particularly the flexibility to send free messages on to their clients’ devices, as long as they’re connected to the web.

Creating a WhatsApp Business account takes some standard steps like downloading the app, filling out all of the account details and ensuring it’s prepared for prime quality customer communication.

Steps to Create a WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business app is totally free. you’ll download it from Apple and Android stores. Make a WhatsApp Business account in these easy steps mentioned below:

1. Download WhatsApp Business App

Is Whatsapp Business free? You can conveniently find the WhatsApp Business application on the Apple store and Android store. Download it on your device. There’s an awfully small visual difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business logos. After downloading the app, you would like to launch it.

2. Agree to Terms of Service and Press Continue

With the new Whatsapp Business manager policy update, you will want to read the Terms of Service. Later you would like to just accept it and proceed further by clicking Continue.

3. Make a WhatsApp Business Account

How to create a Whatsapp Business account on an Iphone? There are two ways of constructing a WhatsApp Business Account. Either by using your number and converting it for business purposes or taking a brand new number that’s dedicated for WhatsApp Business. That recommends employing a new number.

You will be prompted to pick out the number you’d wish to create your WhatsApp Business account with. You’ll learn an option like the default current number or use a unique number. 

You’ll be able to choose the amount accordingly. Note that only one number is devoted per WhatsApp Business Account. After performing this step, you would like to verify your signal.

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4. Verify WhatsApp Business Phone Number

How to verify a Whatsapp Business account? Enter the number that you’d want to accompany your WhatsApp Business app. Verification of telephone number is finished via SMS or Call.

You will receive a six-digit code sent through SMS which is automatically captured by WhatsApp Business for verification. just in case you’re using the quantity elsewhere (not on this device), you’ll have to enter it manually. If you don’t receive an SMS, you’ll verify it via call.

5. Convert WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business

If you’re using your personal WhatsApp number, you wish to manoeuvre all of your personal data to WhatsApp Business. Data like images, videos, chat messages and get in touch with numbers are passed on to WhatsApp Business accounts.

Moreover, you have got to convey permission to WhatsApp to proceed. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, enter the code. After doing this, all the data is going to be transmitted to the WhatsApp Business profile. This process may take a while betting on the media size.

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6. Setup WhatsApp Business Profile

To deliver better performance, you have got to permit Whatsapp Business web to access your contacts and media files. This can help in connecting together with your customers and sharing files respectively.

7. Setup WhatsApp Business Profile

When you have successfully completed all the above steps, this may be the last step in creating a WhatsApp Business account. During this window, you may be prompted with the subsequent attributes on the necessity of business details. 

  • Business Name: Insert your official business name that’s accustomed to engaging along with your audience.
  • Profile Picture: This will be the emblem of your business.
  • Category: Select the relevant category of your business from the dropdown list.
  • Description: Explain what your business does in 256 characters.
  • Business Address: Put the official corresponding address of your company.
  • Business profile: you’ll be able to enter the work hours of your operations, Email and Website address.
  • Catalogue: You’ll showcase a listing of products and services offered by your company.
  • Messaging tools: You’ll find automated responses which could be a convenient mode of communication.
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Ensure that only prioritised notifications are being utilised through this medium. For example, if you over promote to your customers and that they mark you as spam, there are high chances of your WhatsApp Business account getting penalised.

In case of using your personal signal for business purposes, you’ll move chat history and media files to the WhatsApp Business account instantly.

If you modify your mind to shift from a WhatsApp Business account to WhatsApp Personal account, hence you may not be ready to move chat history.

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Personal accounts may be operated simultaneously on the identical phone. However, you would like to use two different phone numbers.

WhatsApp Business Account Messaging Automation

Whatsapp Business download? WhatsApp Business account and WhatsApp Business APIs are completely two different entities. Through WhatsApp Business APIs, you’ll take WhatsApp automation to an entire new level. you’ll be able to build WhatsApp chatbots, connect with a CRM and far more.

Messaging automation could be a unique feature that helps you to speak better together with your customers. With features like WhatsApp auto reply (away message), greeting messages and quick replies. There are endless use cases of using WhatsApp for your business.

Each messaging automation will be customised with business messenger templates. These customisable WhatsApp templates are used for inbound and outbound marketing activities.

Verifying your WhatsApp business account will provide a major boost in branding and increase the credibility of your account.

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WhatsApp Business could be a versatile platform for companies who wish to automate their customer support. However, there’s an enormous scope of opportunities for a corporation to nurture, engage and interact with their customers by providing exceptional customer service.

Once you have followed all of the steps described during this article, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax. You’ve created your WhatsApp Business account.

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