Who doesn’t know what WhatsApp is? WhatsApp has introduced a productive platform which is called WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp business features will help you to grow your business. Are you curious on how to create WhatsApp business account? This article will give you the guides on how to create a WhatsApp business account.

Before that, you need to understand what the WhatsApp business is. WhatsApp business is part of the regular WhatsApp that you use. Is WhatsApp business free? The WhatsApp Business App is free to use and download. It allows you to communicate with your local customers, set up your product/service catalog, and deliver important notifications.

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There is also a feature in WhatsApp business which is called auto reply. You can set automated WhatsApp replies in WhatsApp business accounts which are not available on regular WhatsApp applications. You can also schedule them as per your desired hours.

WhatsApp business App will help you to grow your business. With this platform, you can connect with your customers and market your product or services. The WhatsApp business is really beneficial for companies ranging from small to large-scale industries. As a result, businesses can connect with their customers instantly to deliver important notifications or interact with them. 

Furthermore, you can even automate WhatsApp Business with the help of APIs. You will be able to automate messages, respond to queries, showcase catalog and integrate with other automation tools. So are you curious on how to create WhatsApp business account in iphone? Let’s check these out!

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1. Download WhatsApp Business App

The first step you need to do is do the WhatsApp business download 2021. You can directly find the WhatsApp Business application on the Apple store and Android store. Then you have to download it on your device. After you download it, you need to launch it. For your additional information,there is a difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business in their visual logos. So don’t choose and download the wrong one.

2. Agree To Terms Of Service And Press Continue

After you download the application, you will see the WhatsApp terms of service. Since there is the new WhatsApp Business policy update, you have to read the Terms of Service properly. After you read it, you need to agree and accept it then proceed further by clicking Continue.

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3. Make A WhatsApp Business Account

There are two ways of making a WhatsApp Business Account such as by using your phone number and converting it for business purposes or taking a new number that is dedicated for WhatsApp Business.

You will be asked to fill in the phone number you would like to create your WhatsApp Business account with. You will be given an option such as the default phone number or use a different number. After performing this step, you need to verify your phone number.

4. Verify WhatsApp Business Phone Number

After you fill in your phone number, you need to verify your WhatsApp business phone number but how to verify WhatsApp business account WhatsApp business web? After you enter the phone number that you would like to use in your WhatsApp Business app. Then you will receive a six-digit code sent through SMS which is automatically captured by WhatsApp Business for verification.

In case you are using the number elsewhere, you have to enter it manually and if you don’t receive an SMS, you can verify it via call. Verification of phone number is done via SMS or Call. Once you insert the verification number, your phone number will be verified.

5. Convert WhatsApp To WhatsApp Business (Applicable For Users Who Are Using Personal WhatsApp)

You might also ask, can I convert my WhatsApp to business account? Actually if you are using your personal WhatsApp number, you will need to move all your personal data to WhatsApp Business. The data means images, videos, chat messages, and contact numbers will be passed on to WhatsApp Business accounts.

Beside that, you need to give permission to WhatsApp to proceed with it. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you need to enter the code. After doing this, all the information will be transmitted to the WhatsApp Business profile. This process may take some time depending on the media size.

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6. Grant Permissions For WhatsApp Business To Access Files

For better performance, you will need to allow WhatsApp Business to access your contacts and other media files. This will help in connecting with your customers and sharing files respectively.

7. Setup WhatsApp Business Profile

After you have successfully completed all the mentioned above steps, the last step you need to do is creating a WhatsApp Business account. In this section, you will be prompted with the following attributes on the requirement of business details. 

  • Business Name – you need to insert your official business name that is used to engage with your audience.
  • Profile Picture – This can be the logo of your business.
  • Category – choose and select the relevant category of your business from the dropdown list.
  • Description – you need to explain what your business does in 256 characters only.
  • Business Address – you need to put the official corresponding address of your company.

After this step is completed, you can fill in additional details on the explore business tools window or skip now and fill them in later. If you are too busy, you can try to find a WhatsApp business manager to help you to create and manage your WhatsApp business account.

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WhatsApp business accounts are part of regular WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp business accounts will help you to communicate with your local customers, set up your product/service catalog, and deliver important notifications. 

There is also a feature in WhatsApp business which is called auto reply. You can set automated WhatsApp replies in WhatsApp business accounts. By using it, you can tell your customer that you are away from your phone so that they will know you are not ignoring them. If you are interested in using a WhatsApp business account, you can try to create it as the guide mentioned above.

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