You must know what WhatsApp is but have you ever heard about WhatsApp marketing Malaysia? Read this article to get more information about it. Check these out!

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WhatsApp: A Quick History

Do you know what WhatsApp is? Many people use WhatsApp in Malaysia. WhatsApp is a free mobile application that allows you to instantly message your contacts through the internet. You can use this app to send text messages for free without the need to pay for expensive SMS charges.

For your information, WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by former Yahoo! employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They got the idea to make chat apps when they purchased an iPhone in that same year, and saw the potential of the App industry on the Apple store. The two had an idea and visited their friend, Alex Fishman, where they began discussing a messenger app that could “display statuses next to their names”. 

To take their idea further, they needed to see an iPhone developer. Fishan found someone on the website,, that might be able to help with this, a Russian developer by the name of Igor Solomennikov. 

In February of that same year they had the idea, WhatApp became incorporated in California. But the early beta versions had a pretty rocky start as the app kept crashing. Jan Koum even considered quitting and giving it all up, Brian Acton suggested that he should give it some time, so he did.

When WhatsApp 2.0 released with a fleshed out messaging component, the user drastically increased to 250,000. The app finally saw it’s final release in November 2009 on the iPhone. Koum hired his friend, Chris Pieffer, to begin work on developing the app for the Blackberry, this version was released in January 2010. In 2011, WhatsApp was among the Top 20 apps on the U.S Apple Store.

Koum got the name WhatsApp because it sounded like the greeting, ‘what’s up”. Eventually through trial and error, WhatsApp became one of the largest and most used apps. In 2014, Facebook, a company which Acton and Koum applied for after leaving Yahoo, but failed, purchased the messenger app for a whopping 19 Billion USD. Which really goes to show the value and worth the app has garnered itself. 

Now, from their small idea, WhatsApp turns to the most used messenger app in the world.

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WhatsApp: The Features

You can use WhatsApp features in your phone and PC. If you want to use WhatsApp on your PC, you need to link it to your phone account to be able to use them. Registering and using WhatsApp is easy and simple. You just need to put in your phone number to register on WhatsApp then you will get a text with a confirmation code to complete your verification. Once you have put in the verification code in the app, you can now use it. 

You can also create a group in WhatsApp by adding your friends in the group. How to add friends on WhatsApp? All you do is just get and save their mobile phones, if your friends are using WhatsApp, their contact will automatically appear in your WhatsApp contact list.

You might be curious what features are available in WhatsApp. Here are the features that you can use when using WhatsApp such as :

Chat One-To-One

You can chat with your friends, colleagues, family and others who also register on WhatsApp personally. How much is the WhatsApp sms price? You don’t need to pay when chatting with someone on WhatsApp as long as you have mobile data or a wifi connection. 

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Create Group Chats

You can’t make a group chat when using sms but it is different when using WhatsApp. You can have around 265 members in a single group-chat. This feature is perfect for friend groups and for office employees who want to create a chat room for people who are involved in whatever it is they might be doing. Beside that, you can also send pictures, videos,GIFs, voice recording snippets and files.

Video And Voice Call

Many people use WhatsApp business Malaysia because it has many features and one of the great features is you can make a call by using WhatsApp. Wherever your friends and family are, you can call them and see their face by using video call. All you need is just an internet connection without worrying about overseas call fees. 


There is also WhatsApp broadcast Malaysia which allows the users to send out broadcast messages in which you can to those in a broadcast list. You can create a list of people you have saved in your phone book who have WhatsApp. The recipients will see the broadcast as a regular message on the app. If recipients reply to the broadcast message, it will just be a regular one-to-one message between them and the broadcaster.

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WhatsApp Marketing: Malaysia’s Best Form of Marketing?

How much is WhatsApp business pricing Malaysia? Before we talk about it, you need to know the reason why you need to use WhatsApp marketing blaster. It is because many people use it. With more than 60 million messages sent daily, this potential for a larger market penetration simply cannot be ignored.

Before you can start using WhatsApp services, you are required to register a phone number. But there is a limitation that you can only send messages to your phone contacts and that you can only send 256 at a time.

Different from usual WhatsApp services. There are also WhatsApp marketing tools which can help you to  reach a larger market than what social media advertising can ever do which is called WhatsApp blast api.

What is WhatsApp blasting? Is WhatsApp blast free? WhatsApp blasting is the term used for sending messages and media through WhatsApp in bulk. Due to WhatsApp limitation, if you require sending out more than 256 at a time. Then you need to purchase the service of a WhatsApp marketing software or service.

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Many people use WhatsApp in their daily life. That’s why it can be the reason why you need to use it for your business. If you want to send out bulk messages, you can try WhatsApp blasting services or systems to suit all your marketing needs at fair and affordable pricing.

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