How to COD in Shopee? One of the explanations why a customer chooses your shop is that if you’ve got a COD option. Why? COD allows the payment period to be shorter, and there’s no delay within the receipt of money.

COD also protects businesses from the danger that a customer won’t pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable income. On the other hand, COD gives them extra time to fund the total payment for consumers. How does one enable cash on delivery Shopee sellers in Shopee then? Read on to search out.

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How Do I Activate COD in Shopee Seller?

You can find your shipping channel via the Shipping Setting page on Seller Centre or within the Shopee App. Here is the way to enable COD Shopee seller Philippines.

Tap Start Selling or My Shop under the Me Tab

How to enable COD in Shopee Philippines? The first step is click on the Me tab on your Shopee App. Then tap on Start Selling or My Shop on the left side.

Tap My Shipping

After the page loads, you’ll be able to tap on My Shipping. Then you may be directed to buy Shipping Settings.

Toggle Shipping Options and Tap Save

For those of you who asked for a way to change COD Shopee PH, kindly toggle on the Enable COD. Couriers that you just enabled in your Shipping Settings will automatically be your shop’s preferred courier. Once you’re done, tap Save.

Working of Cash on Delivery (COD) and Its Process Flow

The seller can get the COD money and COD pending review by the Shopee seller if the order has been received by the client. That’s how cash on delivery works for the vendor.

If you wish to use Shopee seller cash on delivery within the Philippines, you wish to understand several things, including its process flow. the primary is you want to ensure that you just are located inside the covered area of the courier. If no COD option Shopee seller, meaning you’re located outside the covered area.

COD payment option is accessible for sellers who are already participants on LBC and Black Arrow free shipping integrated promo with devour address located inside Metro Manila, Rizal.

So, if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, which means you qualify for COD transaction. Shopee also will notify you if you once you qualify for the COD transaction. How to remove COD in Shopee that may be toggled off via Shipping Settings on Seller Center.

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How does COD Work in Shopee for Sellers?

How does cash on delivery work Shopee? Cash on Delivery (COD) buyers aren’t allowed to open parcels before payment. The parcels will only be handed to buyers once the payment is created. Buyers may raise a Return/Refund request via the Shopee app as per the conventional process if they’re unsatisfied with the products delivered.

COD pending review Shopee  that Sellers may have encountered a situation where the status of their orders is stuck at “Pending”. In this instance, sellers will not be able to arrange shipment for the given order.

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Benefits of COD

What is cash on delivery? So COD is a common business term indicating that goods must be paid for at the time of delivery. The payment is usually due in cash but may be made by check if acceptable to the seller.

Shopee is an internet marketplace for buyers and sellers. It was established in 2015. it’s since expanded its operations within the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Consider Shopee to be a typical mall for the sake of beginners. Buyers come to shop for, and sellers come to sell their wares. The sole difference is that the whole buying and selling process is doled out online.

As a result, three parties are involved: the vendor, the buyer, and Shopee, who owns the location where the transaction takes place. For those of you already curious why Shopee may be a good place to sell, here are the reasons:

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Shopee Offers Free Shipping

Free shipping naturally attracts more customers. Furthermore, the more customers Shopee attracts, the more potential customers will buy from your store, leading to even more sales. When a buying deal exceeds 500 pesos, the vendor will provide free shipping, not per order.

Assume you’re the customer. you would like to shop for three shirts from Seller A. This purchase costs 501 pesos. meaning you qualify for free shipping from Seller A. Shopee doesn’t take advantage of this transaction.

But suppose you would like to get another item. Unfortunately, Seller A doesn’t carry the item you seek. Instead, you found it for 200 pesos at Seller B’s store. You do not qualify at no cost shipping because you probably did not reach the free shipping Shopee COD limit, which implies Shopee profits from your 50 peso shipping fee.

Lower Commission Rate

Shopee Philippines charges a 1.5% transaction fee of the overall payment you receive from your buyers. This can be why Shopee items are so cheap despite the actual fact that all of them come from the identical suppliers.

Shopee Offers Cash on Delivery

Buyers are hesitant to share their mastercard information online. After all, where there’s money, there’ll be scammers. What’s Shopee’s solution? Cash on Delivery.

Cash on delivery Shopee meaning buyers don’t must share their mastercard information. And, indeed, sales skyrocketed after COD. Customers are increasingly putting their trust in Shopee.

How to Arrange Drop-Off/Pickup for COD Orders?

Here some for you on how to arrange drop off or pickup for COD orders:

  • Orders via COD payment are going to be displayed under the ‘Unpaid’ tab for two hours from the order time for COD Confirmation Period.
  • You may arrange for drop-off/pickup once the ‘Arrange Drop-off/Arrange Pickup’ status is out there.

COD Airway Bill

For COD orders, please make sure that COD indicator is reflected on the Air Waybill. The COD tag may be a necessary indicator for couriers to gather payment accordingly.

However, if you employ a 3rd party service to print your Air Waybills, kindly make sure that the tag is reflected on the Air Waybill of the COD orders. Alternatively, you’ll print your Air Waybills via Shopee’s Seller Centre for your COD orders to avoid uncollected payment issues.

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What to Do If the Cash on Delivery (COD) Toggle is Missing?

If the Cash on Delivery toggle is missing, please follow our basic troubleshooting guide so toggle on the Enable COD button. The COD toggle isn’t applicable for migrated sellers to the Courier Allocation Process. Sellers can only enable or disable the COD function at a store level.


Shopee is an internet marketplace for buyers and sellers. Shopee also offers COD payment for you. One good thing about COD is it protects businesses from the danger that a customer won’t pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable income.

To use Shopee cash on delivery sellers within the Philippines, you want to confirm that you simply are located inside the covered area of the courier. if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, which means you qualify for COD transaction.

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