Shopee Philippines gives people a lot of things to do. You can sell items, or start your own business. You can also buy items and go on a shopping spree. Start by  answering the Shopee sign up form, it can be accomplished in easy steps and a simple process.

Shopee log in seller center, or just the regular Shopee log in can be searched on mobile, and web making it more accessible for you to make an account and start your Shopee journey now. 

What is Shopee Philippines?

It started as a C2C firm and grew into one of Southeast Asia’s most popular mobile e-commerce platforms. This year it expanded to seven countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and others. Shopee has everything from phones to beauty, clothes, and sports stuff.

Shopee’s accessibility will help new users become better vendors and consumers. Shopee solves issues including theft, transactional concerns, and trouble reaching someone in person. The Shopee Guarantee billing method assures customers that their product will arrive safely.

How to Access the Shopee: Android, iPhone, and Web Browser

Shopee is widely available to all. See how you can download and access Shopee on different devices and different ways. Accessing is the first step into reaching Shopee PH sign up. 

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Visit the Shopee Website

To visit the Shopee website, you just need to go to your browser (Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc) and type “” on your search bar and enter. The Shopee website will now appear on your screen. 

Download Shopee on Android

Go to Google Play Store, search “Shopee” on the search bar.

Click “Install” to download.

Then wait for it to finish. 

Download Shopee on iPhone

Go to the App Store and search “Shopee” on the search bar.

Click “Get” to install it on the iPhone.

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4 Ways on How You Can Make a Shopee Account!

Now that you more or less get the entire process of making a Shopee Account, you’re probably roaring to make your account now. Well to do so, you’ll also need to note that there are a number of accounts that you can use to finalize your Shopee log in PC or mobile. The method you choose will generally just depend on which might be the most comfortable for you. 

Sign Up with Google

Almost everyone nowadays owns a Google account. Whether it be to check messages on Gmail or watch videos on YouTube, Google accounts have become pretty much essential to anyone who uses the internet. So should you decide to link your Shopee app to your google account, you can kind of expect all tasks that might go through your account like receipts or account verification will go directly to your Gmail. 

It’s also advantageous if you’re opening the platform on a device or application that has good integration with google which will make logging in significantly easier for you.

Step 1: Go to the “Sign Up” button. 

Step 2: Click the “Sign Up with Gmail” button.

Step 3: Log in with your email and password.


Step 4: Finish the process by updating your Shopee username. 

Sign Up with Facebook Account

Similar to the case with Google, most people online right now have a Facebook account so more often than not this might be the right one for you. One advantage that might make you want to link your Shopee login with Facebook is that it makes sharing things like stores or products  with your Facebook friends really easy.

Step 1: Click “Sign Up” in the Me tab.

Step 2: Click the “Connect with Facebook” button.

Step 3: Log in to connect to your Facebook account.

Step 4: Accomplish the final step by updating your Shopee username.

Sign Up with Apple Account

If you’re going to be using Shopee regularly on an iOS device, you might be better off using your Apple account to sign up. It makes logging into Shopee much easier across your Apple devices but it might not be as easy if you try opening it on a non-Apple device.

Step 1: Go to the Sign Up option.

Step 2: Click the “Apple” option.

Step 3: Input the Apple ID , then tap the arrow for the next step. 

Step 4: Finish the process by inputting your Apple ID password. 

Sign Up with Phone Number

The last and more basic option would be to simply sign-up with your phone number. If you don’t have accounts in all 3 of the previous, chances are you might at least have a phone number. So if that’s the case this is the one you should go for. Another reason why you might want to use your phone number is that it makes account verification relatively more accessible since it’ll be texted to you and you’ll receive it for sure even with a weak internet.

Step 1: Go to the Sign Up option.

Step 2: Enter your Mobile Phone Number, and tap Next.

Step 3: Enter Verification Code, then tap Verify. 

Step 4: Set your Shopee password. 

Step 5: Edit your Shopee Username. 

There are many ways to log in, and access Shopee on mobile and on browser. In order to fully enjoy the things that await you in this ecommerce platform, you must first make an account that caters to your needs or compatibility. Refer to the steps provided in this article to make sure that you are set to register your new Shopee account.

Whether you are wondering about how to be a Shopee Seller Philippines, or simply wanting to buy new things, making your own account is the next best step for you. 

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