How to be Shopee mall seller? In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, e-commerce entrepreneurs round the Philippines and every one round the world are all trying to seek tools to assist them stand out from their competition.

In order to both motivate and analyse their merchants, e-commerce platforms like Shopee Philippines provide them with different bonuses and incentives to assist them better develop their shops.

One way Shopee does this can be through rewarding its best and best stores with badges which will help them increase their sales. Since you’re reading this text, it’s likely that you’re fascinated by knowing more about how this works and by chance you opened the correct article for you.

In this article you’ll get information about Shopee mall vs preferred, Shopee mall requirements, Shopee mall fees, Shopee mall logo, Lazada mall requirements, and Shopee PH.

What is Shopee Mall?

What is Shopee mall? Shopee Mall is an exclusive retail space wherein brand owners and authorised distributors can sell their merchandise. 

For Sellers who are a part of the Shopee Mall program their merchandise comes with a “Shopee Mall” or “Mall” label, either on the seller’s profile page or on every product listing. within the seller centre, you’ll be able to find the Shopee Mall location.

You might now be asking questions like “Is Shopee Mall legit?”, “What the Shopee Mall benefits are?”, or “Is Shopee Mall safe?” and don’t worry, this text will bear that too. These tools are totally safe and are Shopee-verified tools that may surely help improve your business.

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Requirements to Become Shopee Mall Seller

Now you’ve gone over the advantages, you are able to now take a look at what you would like for your Shopee seller application. So as to truly qualify to be listed mutually of the exclusive Shopee Mall brands, you’ll must meet a particular number of requirements. 

These requirements include having a minimum of 10-20 minimum stock keeping units (SKUs), having but 20% of listings on pre-order mode, and being in compliance with Shopee’s mall listing requirements.

On the last requirement regarding Shopee’s mall listing requirements, there are generally some various things you’ll have to listen to for these requirements. Specifically, you’ll have to concentrate on the photographs on your store, your product’s names and outline, your available categories and attributes, and therefore the variations on your store.

Benefits of Joining as a Shopee Mall Seller

Shopee Mall is that the variety of Seller or the very best status for sellers on Shopee PH for now. And to urge this type of status, there’ll be some important things for you to arrange.

One of the conditions could be a Certificate of material possession Rights within the sort of a Brand Certificate or Trademark. in addition to those requirements, there also are several other special criteria that you just must meet.

If the shop you own already includes a status as a Shopee Mall, Shopee mall seller benefits you’ll be able to get include:

  • Will appear on the Shopee com Philippine page.
  • Your store’s reputation will automatically increase.
  • Then your store sales will certainly increase too.
  • Premium features provided by Shopee.
  • Special promotions given by Shopee.
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Shopee Mall Commission Fee

While being a seller a part of the Shopee Mall program has multiple benefits, it also incorporates a small cost. For merchants a part of the program, they have to pay a commission fee which the platform will receive so as to continue letting the merchants be a part of the program.

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What Items Can’t You Sell?

As a seller on the platform, you wish to make sure that your products and your product listings are compliant with the restrictions placed by the platforms. These restrictions can differ counting on your store’s status but as a Shopee Mall seller you especially have to note some specific restrictions.

It is also important to notice that every one of the products associated with these categories are completely prohibited on the platform. 

For these products you’ll simply have to follow Shopee’s guidelines on selling the products and so you’ll be fine. Failure to go with these may lead to the loss of your Shopee Mall status or perhaps the banning of your Shopee account.

Generally speaking, the merchandise categories tormented by these restrictions include:

  • Adult Items.
  • Weapons/Firearms.
  • Government Regulated and Issued Items.
  • Pet care, Animals, and Wildlife.
  • Currency, Credits, and Artefacts.
  • Highly Offensive Materials.
  • Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Medical Devices, Medicines and Supplements.
  • Drugs & Associated Paraphernalia.
  • Pre-loved Items.
  • Prohibited Food Related Items.
  • Publications, Films, Books, Videos, Games and Digital Goods.
  • Counterfeit Products.
  • FDA Warned Items.

How Do I Become a Shopee Mall Seller?

How to join Shopee mall Philippines? To become a Shopee Mall seller, you want to be a brand owner or an authorised distributor. in addition, you will need to suit the platform policies for Shopee Mall sellers: Sell only items that are 100% authentic. Support a 15-day return/refund policy.

Here’s one trick to becoming an influence seller on Shopee. Make use of the My Discount promotions tool to line discounts for a limited period of your time for your products on Shopee. you’ll be able to select a particular product to discount, or apply the discount over multiple products.

Remember to line the acquisition limit of your discounted products to make sure that one buyer doesn’t grab all of your best deals before other buyers get an opportunity to get.

One tool that’s really cool about being a seller on Shopee is the ability to form your own vouchers. Sellers are able to create vouchers for any of their listed products and entice buyers to buy more products. With My Vouchers, you’ll easily create vouchers specific to your shop, or maybe vouchers applied to specific products in your shop.

There aren’t any restrictions to how you create the vouchers, and you may even have full control over the worth, duration and quantity of them.

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