Buying and selling activities can be done by Shopee. As one of the most popular, e commerce Shopee be an option when you want to shop or be a place to sell products. To be clear, eye on the following e-commerce Shopee explanation about how Shopee became.

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What Type of E-Commerce is Shopee?

Before knowing what type of e-commerce is Shopee Philippines, have you known about e-commerce itself? Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is a purchase or sales of goods or services on all computer networks. Electronic commerce works in four main areas of the market and can be done on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. 

Almost all existing products and services are available in e-commerce, including books, music, plane tickets, and financial services such as stock investing and online banking.

E-commerce operates in all 4 of the major marketplace segments or additionally referred to as type of e-commerce. These are: 

  • Business to business (B2B), that’s the direct sale of products and offerings among businesses.
  • Business to consumer (B2C), which involves sales among business and their customers.
  • Consumer to consumer, which permits people to sell to 1 another, commonly via a third-party site, like eBay.
  • Consumer to business, which people could promote to corporations, like an artist selling or licensing their art work to be used by a corporation.

Shopee is a social-first, mobile centric marketplace launched by its parent company Sea Limited. At first, Shopee started as a consumer to consumer e-commerce type. But now, Shopee has become a C2C and business to consumer hybrid model. Shopee also developed into a business to business marketplace by serving customers throughout the region.

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Are Lazada and Shopee Considered an E-Commerce?

From the explanation above, we know that Lazada and Shopee are e-commerce. Both Lazada and Shopee allow us to purchase products or services through the platforms. All processes run on a computer network.

3 Reasons Why Shopee is the Best Ecommerce Platform?

How Shopee became the leading eCommerce in the Philippines? Shopee was launched in 2015 as a social-first mobile-centric marketplace that has become the leading eCommerce platform in SEA in just 5 years. Being late to the industry, Shopee chief commercial officer Zhou Junjie said they can closely market research by detecting trends and improving areas that existing players are not working on.

Currently, Shopee has the highest number of total downloads, the highest monthly active users, both desktop and mobile web with the most visitors, and dominates all six countries in the SEA. Here is the reasons why Shopee is the Best eCommerce Platform :

Mobile-first Initiative

Having seen the high average usage of mobile internet in Southeast Asia, Shopee launched the Shopee application first instead of their website. With around 90% of the SEA region’s population accessing the internet through their smartphone, it was the right step for Shopee to start the business from a mobile app. 

Shopee was able to create a user-oriented design for both buyers and sellers with an end-to-end online shopping experience and providing a personalized and social experience. While doing market research trend, Shopee believes that online shopping must evolve to fit in particular to the needs of the younger users so this emerging trend can be the way forward for eCommerce in the region.

As per week last year Shopee observed a 40% increase in the time users spent in-app. Besides, it registered over 430 million orders for the Q4 of 2020 alone or a daily average of around 4.7 million orders in the Indonesian market. 

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Shopee has a strong customer-first philosophy in which a customized online experience through a friendly and proficient selling and buying environment can be provided by the company. In their operations for each market, Shopee has included unique features of language, culture, and marketing strategy so this has served as one of the competitive advantages of Shopee. 

Shopee focuses on online research, understanding each market and its user behaviors through a lot of hyper-localized activities, so it can build brand loyalty and create memorable experiences. In every market, the local offices and teams are focused on marketing campaigns and presenting product categories according to what is appealing to the market.

The operations in each country have also partnered with local banks and logistics to cater to every demand. Shopee saw one of the pain points in the Malaysian market for the user transaction and the local shipping price. However, the company provides sellers an option for free shipping across Malaysia for items weighing up to 5kg to overcome over-inflated shipping costs.

Shopee has used celebrity endorsement, influencer, and ambassadors that are respectively popular for each country which has been proven as an effective localization approach. In the Shopee Philippines, a country known to have the longest Christmas celebration, the company signed the famous Filipino singer and songwriter who is known for his Christmas carols, Jose Mari Chan as the Shopee Ph latest ambassador.

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In other markets such as Vietnam runs campaigns with celebrities from sports, movies, music, and the comedy industry, and the Thailand market, consumers are seen to have a preference for mixed-race celebrities. Meanwhile, Shopee Indonesia caters to users’ needs during Ramadan by welcoming a new promo called “Big Ramadan Sale”.

Promotions and Discounts

Through various campaigns, Shopee managed to capture customers instead of focusing on advertisements. In 2020, it proved how Shopee’s marketing strategy is still dominating the marketplace with the anticipated yearly Singles Day or 11.11 shopping day as it topped all six countries in the region and 200 million items sold in one day. 

To increase traffic and enhance engagement in the platform, Shopee also added an interactive marketing strategy called “Shoppertainment”. This feature includes in-app interactive games, streaming events, and Livestream events that treat viewers with giveaways such as Shopee coins or products from participating brands.

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Buying and selling activities can be done by Shopee. At first, Shopee started as a consumer to consumer e-commerce type. But now, Shopee has become a C2C and business to consumer hybrid model. So we can conclude that Lazada and Shopee are e-commerce.

Currently, Shopee has the highest number of total downloads, the highest monthly active users, both desktop and mobile web with the most visitors, and dominates all six countries in the SEA. The reasons are Shopee is a mobile-first initiative, localization by signing celebrities, influencers, and ambassadors to promote the company, and giving a lot of promotions and discounts.

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