Change meta description Shopify or change page title Shopify are that the brief little bit of text that’s shown in a computer programme results after the title tag. The meta description will be set for websites, product pages, collection pages, and blog posts in Shopify. confirm each page includes a unique meta description that uses plain, direct language.

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What Is Title Tagme

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What Is Meta Description?

A meta description is that the brief little bit of text that’s shown in a computer program results after the title tag. The meta description may be set for websites, product pages, collection pages, and blog posts in Shopify. 

Confirm each page includes a unique meta description that uses plain, direct language. a decent description encourages more people to click the link to your store.

A meta description is an HTML meta tag that acts as a 155 to 160 characters summary that describes your webpage’s content. It’s the snippet of text that appears below your page title in program results pages.

Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched.

Unlike the page title, meta descriptions don’t seem to be an SEO ranking factor, but they do entice users to click through to a page and are a part of effective on-page SEO. You’ll see them during a page’s code as.

A meta description is the promise you create to searchers. Among a sea of competing webpages, it calls bent on them and says, “This is that the page you’re trying to find.” After you blood type search query into Google, let’s use “temporary tattoos” as an Shopify meta description example. The algorithm displays results on the computer program results page (SERP).

This page is extremely complicated, except for now let’s ignore all the Shopping ads, images, and videos in favour of the more traditional organic search results.

A meta description is an HTML element that gives a short summary of an internet page. A page’s meta description tag is displayed as a part of the search snippet in an exceedingly program results page (SERP) and is supposed to grant the user an inspiration of the content that exists within the page and the way it relates to their search query.

Meta descriptions can technically be any length, but Google generally truncates snippets to 155-160 characters. it is best to stay meta descriptions long enough that they are sufficiently descriptive, so we recommend descriptions between 50 and 160 characters.

Keep in mind that the “optimal” length will vary looking on things, and your primary goal should be to supply value and drive clicks.

Google announced in September of 2009 that neither meta descriptions nor meta keywords factor into Google’s ranking algorithms for web search.

The meta description can, however, impact a page’s click-through rate (CTR) in Google SERPs, which might positively impact a page’s ability to rank.

These short paragraphs are the webmaster’s opportunity to “advertise” content to searchers, and also the searcher’s chance to come to a decision whether the content is probably going to be relevant to their query and contain the data they’re seeking.

Because meta descriptions have an indirect impact on search rankings and particularly because they’ll significantly impact user behaviour, it is important to place some effort into writing them.

Where Is the Meta Description on Shopify?

Shopify made it easy to locate these two Both title tag and meta descriptions are visible on the computer programme results page (SERP). it’s important to produce additional information instead of providing the identical content you’ve got on your page. you would possibly have 10 pages or 1000s of product pages.

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You can find your Shopify title and meta description examples within the section of the page’s HTML markup. Most CMSs will allow you to edit this markup and alter your meta description either directly within the code or via the meta description field within the page’s metadata settings.

Go to the products/pages/collection/ listing and choose all the articles you would like to edit the meta descriptions for. Then click on “edit blog/collection posts”. which will load the majority editor, subsequently you click in “edit more fields”. There you’ll be able to select meta title and meta description.

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How Do I Change Meta Description?

Here some steps on you how to add meta description in Shopify:

  • Launch your browser and log into your blog at
  • Click the “Settings” icon on the Dashboard panel to the left.
  • Click the “General” menu item.
  • Type your new description into the input box labelled “Tagline.”
  • Click the “Save Changes” button to save your new Tagline.

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How Do I Change my Homepage Meta on Shopify?

If you find that Shopify title and meta description not updating, here the steps on you how to change your homepage meta on Shopify:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences.
  • Enter a title and meta description for your store, following SEO best practices. This also can be a way of how to edit homepage SEO on Shopify.
  • Click Save.

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When you write content for a product or collection description, webpage, or blog post, use readable, unique phrases that include a number of your Shopify keyword generator. Search engines compare a page’s content with its headers to make sure that the page is about what it claims to be about.

When you write product descriptions, ensure that you simply don’t copy text that’s provided to you by a manufacturer because that description might already be employed by other websites.

Focus on quality writing over quantity, but know that search engines use longer content to assist understand your page better. ensure that each page has a minimum of 250 words of descriptive text, which informational pages and blog posts have a minimum of 500 words.

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