Staff & Roles

How To Add / Manage Staff Accounts

Read this article and you will know: About staff managementHow to add an staff accountStore data permissions (updated on January 9, 2022)How to edit staff accountsHow to change staff password About S


How To Change Staff Account Password

Note: If the staff has multiple account permission in Ginee system (such as ERP, WMS), after the staff account password is updated, each will be automatically logged out from Ginee system, and you ne


How To Use Role Management

If merchant needs to give different role permissions to each employee, they can use role management. Go to Setting > Role ManagementThe role list is existing employee accounts in the current system t


How to Subscribe Ginee Package

You can now subscribe to Ginee independently through your Ginee account, while you can follow the steps below: 1. How to view all Ginee subscription packages: – Click the tab of your account e


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