Ginee Chat

Advanced Messages Filtering

Function Description: Stores and conversations can be filtered according to unread and unanswered, and conversations can also be sorted by message time, which is convenient for user  to quickly locat


What is Auto-Reply? What are the features of Auto-Reply?

What is Auto Reply? 1) In order to give customers a good chat experience, Ginee Chat provides you with automatic reply feature, which can automatically send a reply message to the buyer when you do n


How to check product information and order information in chat?

When you receive product information and order information from the buyer in Ginee Chat, you can quickly know product and order information through the message card. You can also click on the card to


How To Check The Number of Ginee Chat Active Stores/Sub-accounts and The Active Packages?

Method 1: Log in to Ginee chat and click Usege Limit to view the number of active stores/sub-accounts of Ginee Chat


How To Deal With Browser Blocking When Subscribe Package With Online Payment(CN & ID)?

If the browser is set with blocking rules, when subscribing to the Chat package online through Alipay or Midtrans, the following screenshot will report an error


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