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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Q: Why the product and order in some marketplace aren’t sync? A: Make sure your store has been synchronized at the latest time, for problems with synchronization of several products or orders


What is “Popular Followed”?

  Popular Followed is a report from the Trending Store that Ginee summarizes from the Marketplace and is currently only available for the Shopee Marketplace and also this report menu can only be seen


What is “Business Analysis”?

The Business Analysis menu is currently only available at Shopee, this menu can help you get the latest information on best-selling products, sales from each category and the latest sales charts recor


What is a Store and what does the name Store mean?

Stores are Marketplaces or sales channels where you sell products. Store Name – This shows the name of the store or other sales channels where you sell your product. You can edit the name of the


How do I change the Store Name and Logo?

You have chosen your Store name when registering for the first time and cannot be changed afterwards. But you can change the Store Logo by clicking on your account name in genie which is located in th


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