Customer Blacklist Setting

How to Mark Blacklisted Customers? Currently we support 3 ways to mark customers as blacklist After checking the customer information in Customer Management list, click “Set as Blacklisted̶


Customer Management

In order to make it easier for seller at Ginee to manage customer information better, quickly understand and manage customer information that accumulated this far from other channels


How to Import Customer Information ?

You can click “Import Customer” below “Add Customer” button on customer management to get in to the customer’s import operation pop-up window. Note: If the customer hav


How to Find the Necessary Customer Information?

Ginee allows you to perform customer information searches with various filters, you can filter information according to your need to get the information needed. Searching according to customer name,


How to Arrange Group for Customer?

Select customer information that need to be classified in customer management and select “Customer Group” After choose a group, you can use “Apply to All” to set group informa


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