Sales Report

Master Product Sales Report

1. Search Menu Description MANUAL_SHOP: Represents an manual order. Creation time: Creation time for orders. Today’s data is not included in the report, and cannot select data of today and days


What is Product Variant Sales Statistics Table?

is from product variant dimension, which summarizes and analyzes the sales of product variants in all orders that have been synchronized to Ginee. Supported platforms: All platforms that currently in


Why Report Data of the Ginee Inconsistent with the Channel?

Ginee Calculation Rules When you move the mouse up on some parameters fields, you can see the description of the calculation method of each field in Ginee. If you have any questions, please check the


How to Arrange Commission in Tokopedia and Shopify?

You can arrange commission percentage through “Order Setting” – “Commission Setting”. After the setting done, the commission will be automatically counted since this tim


What is Income Statement?

Income Statement right now is only available for merchant with Master Product feature, please confirm first if you have Master Product access in your Ginee. This report provides you with profit and


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