Master Product

Product Activity Level

Product activity level Ginee provide the settings of product activity level for Master Product and Channel Product which can determine the active level of product according to the sales volume/effecti


Master Product Sales Report

1. Search Menu Description MANUAL_SHOP: Represents an manual order. Creation time: Creation time for orders. Today’s data is not included in the report, and cannot select data of today and days


Publish Product To Blibli From Master Product

By using this feature, you can publish products from Master Product to Blibli channel. Here are the steps: 1. In the Master Product list, select the product you want to publish, then click “Publ


5 Ways to Create Master Product (Ginee Upgrade)

This feature is only available for user who activate the Master Product feature Note: After created Master Product, the stock synchronization will not be activated automatically. If you need the sto


What is The Relationship Between Master Product and Stock Management? (Ginee Upgrade)

This feature is only available for merchants who activate Master Product For the definition of Master Product & Stock Status, please refer to: What is SKU, Master Product and Stock Status? (Gine


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