1. Please download the Ginee Chat Installer first through your Ginee SaaS by clicking the Ginee Chat button on the left of Ginee, then clicking Mac OS to download the Mac OS version of the Installer.

Once downloaded successfully the Installer File is like this in dmg format.

Open the Installer, then click the Ginee Chat icon, hold, and move it to the Applications folder to install

3. After the installation is complete, your Applications folder will appear Ginee with an icon like this

4. Click the Ginee Chat icon to open the Ginee Chat Application. For those who are already able to open it, you can immediately operate Ginee Chat.

If you still can’t open it because of an error the application is considered an unofficial application. Don’t Panic, you can continue with these steps.

5. Please note that the Ginee Chat App is the Official App from Ginee itself, but since this app is not directly from the Apple Store, your device will naturally notify you as such. But Ginee Chat is a 100% safe app for users.

When there is a screen like the one above, please click the question mark button at the bottom left.

6. Then the MacOS User Guide window will appear. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, find “Open the General pane for me” and click on the link.

7. After clicking the link, you will jump to the Security & Privacy page, please click the padlock symbol at the bottom left

8. Insert Password and click Unlock.

9. Here you will notice that the padlock has been successfully opened, then click “Open Anyway”

10. Then click “Open”

11. After that you will open the Ginee Chat Application. Please login using your Ginee account.