POS Role Creation for Staff Account

1. Settings > Staff Management

2. Click Data Permission

3. Ginee Accounts page will be opened, then clickRoles > click +Create(https://accounts.ginee.com/organization/role)

4. Input the role information (1) > click Confirm (2)

System: choose Ginee POS
Role Name
a. Cashier: Operation (to operate Ginee POS cashier system)

b. Order: View (to only view Ginee POS orders), Operation (to operate Return, Refund and Cancel)

5. Go to Staff > click Edit Role

6. Select the POS role > click Save

 POS Store Permission for Staff Account

1. Go to Ginee OMS, Setting > Staff Management > click Edit in the staff account you want to add the POS roles to

2. Select the POS stores > click Submit

3. Finished! The staff account can now operate Ginee POS

To download the full guideline, please click Ginee POS Full Guideline