Importing and displaying products from Drafts or from the tab Fail to Display is one of many ways to display products to the Stores in bulk.

Let’s follow the steps below to easily display your products in the channel store on Ginee!

  • Select a store to operate
  • Select a Product from Shop Draft or a Product Fail to Display
  • Download the selected product template
  • Edit and upload updated information product data and see the result

Select the store you want to edit the product information

1. Can only select 1 Store per operation
2. Open the Bukalapak product list and sort the products to be imported and edited (one bulk edit using this method is a maximum of 1000 products)
3. Click Export / Import -> Import to display the Products to the Store
Click “Download Product Data”

  1. Downloaded product data is all products that have selected/sorted
  2. During downloading the product template, the selected product should not exceed 1000, otherwise, you need to re-sort it based on created time. Created time is the time when the product was first synchronized with Ginee, and the created time for each product will not change from the first time.

Edit Information in Excel Table and Upload Product,

  1. Things to consider when uploading files:
  • The required fields cannot be empty
  • The Arrange / Action section should select “Publish”, or else the update will fail.
  • The uploaded files have to be in xlsx and xls, for file xls can only upload a maximum of 5MB. And can only import a maximum of only 1000 products at one time.

2. See the result after Uploading a File

  • After finish uploading, Ginee will successfully display the product, and the product will be added and registered on the Channel Shop.
  • If the product fails to upload. Click “Download failed data” to download failed data and see the reason for the failure. Once fixed, go to “Bukalapak product list” -> Export / Import -> Import to upload and add products.