ShopeePay is an in-app e-wallet from Shopee that is authorized by the Bangko Sentral of the Philippines. Customers may now update, spend, and refund their accounts using ShopeePay in a quick and simple manner. You can now use your ShopeePay account to make purchases offline.

ShopeePay is a feature that allows you to save money on your reimbursements and supplements, and it may be used to purchase your future transactions on the internet and possibly even in offline transactions. When you shop with ShopeePay, we also provide a convenient payment procedure as well as a variety of promotions. You may also Top Up with ShopeePay as well.

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Features in Shopee

Here are some of the features in Shopee Philippines that both buyers and sellers enjoy.

Shopee Guarantee

Have you ever felt restless after placing an order for an item on the internet, only to discover that it is taking an excessive amount of time and that you have been misled by sellers? Shopee, on the other hand, offers a solution for your problem. Shopee Guarantee provides purchasers with peace of mind by releasing payment to the seller once you have confirmed that you have received your goods.

After their money has been confirmed, buyers can expect their items to arrive within 10 days after placing their orders with us. Isn’t it straightforward and reassuring enough?

Overflowing with Flash Sales

Shopee has four unique features that you may not have been aware of.Remember, gentlemen, that the bargains here are not for the faint of heart, and that you should proceed with caution. 

Deals are a must-have at Shopee, and they come around frequently and in large quantities, blessing the items on your wish list that you may have forgotten about. When it comes to long-term shopping, Shopee is a great place to look because it almost always has something unique and interesting to offer.

Many Payment Options 

ShopeePay is a digital wallet that can be accessed using the Shopee App. Cash payment for your items is accepted when they are delivered to your door by one of our Shopee Supported Couriers (SSC). All locally issu​​ed Mastercard or VISA credit/debit cards, as long as they are 3DS certified, can be used to make purchases at Preferred & Shopee Mall stores and restaurants. Pay using any of the online payment methods accepted by Shopee.

What is ShopeePay?

In order to top up or receive a balance, you must have an unverified account. For verified accounts, you can receive or top up a balance of up to Php 100,000. When paying for transactions using ShopeePay, you can pay up to Php 100,000 in total as long as you have adequate cash in your account. 

You can deposit Philippine Peso into your ShopeePay E-Wallet by transferring funds from a qualified bank account, e-money wallet account, authorized payment center, or debit card.

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6 Benefits of Paying with ShopeePay

Here are the 6 benefits that you will enjoy once you start using ShopeePay.

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1-Peso Bargains

Reason number one is reserved exclusively for one-peso transactions. You’ll find a plethora of offers (particularly fast food vouchers) for as little as one peso if you do a lot of exploring. Other offers on the list have had their prices significantly reduced for your benefit. This is a ShopeePay-only feature, and you will not be able to complete this transaction using any other method of payment.

Worry-Free Checking

The number of users who use Cash on Delivery (CoD) (not to be confused with the video game Call of Duty) continues to outnumber those who pay with credit or debit cards. While sending and receiving shipments is not without its risks, money is still the most rapid means of spreading the virus from one person to another, especially in developing countries.

By activating and using ShopeePay in your future purchases, you not only helped to avoid the spread of infection, but you also made it easier for you to release your payment without the rider having to wait for you to inspect the things you’ve gotten to see if they’re in good working order first. Worry-free, to say the least.

Fast Refund Process

In the event that the item supplied to you appears to be damaged, broken, or faulty at the very least, you have the option of requesting a replacement or a refund as soon as the item is delivered to you. If you choose a refund, Shopee will return your money to your account within 15 minutes to an hour at the very most. In contrast to other payment methods, such as cash on delivery (CoD), this is something that can’t be obtained at the time of purchase.

Additionally, you’ll have tremendous peace of mind in the event that a vendor abruptly cancels an existing order that you’ve placed. Upon receiving the refund, Shopee will automatically process it and credit the amount you paid for the item back to your ShopeePay wallet.

Access to Free Shipping and Cashback

It is possible that the delivery rates for some items are greater than the cost of the product. The Free Shipping Fee vouchers are one of the most important reasons that most Shopee users (including myself) continue to do business with them. These assist in reducing the total number of goods or items we purchase while on the platform.

Non-ShopeePay accounts can still take advantage of this, but if you have a ShopeePay account, you will receive more than the maximum PhP 55 in vouchers. Aside from that, there are cashback vouchers that may be used to deduct the cost of the item or items you wish to purchase from your total purchase price. This is available to non-ShopeePay users as well, however ShopeePay users are more likely to receive cashbacks with no minimum capping.

Quick and Easy Bills Payment 

In addition to being able to pay for your Shopee orders without having to use cash, you may use Shopee to pay for utilities such as energy, water, and internet bills, as well as for a variety of other services. This is achievable if you activate your ShopeePay account as soon as possible.

In addition to saving time by not having to wait in long lines at payment centers, you’ll also feel at ease because this approach can be completed in minutes, whether you’re still in bed, sitting on the couch, or even dropping the deuce in the bathroom.

As previously said, cashback vouchers are still beneficial in this situation. You can reduce the amount of money you owe on your bills by utilizing the coins you already have from orders placed through those cashback vouchers. The software will reward you with a payback coupon in exchange for paying your bills through it, making it a win-win situation for both of you.

Secure and Safe

ShopeePay can be used for a variety of purposes other than only top-ups (cash-in). In addition, sellers can safely withdraw (cash-out) the money they’ve earned from the things they’ve sold through Shopee’s e-wallet service*. Additionally, it allows customers to send and receive money from Shopee in a safe and hassle-free manner with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

ShopeePay has also become more secure as a result of the implementation of PIN or biometric authentication (via fingerprint or face recognition). After all, it’s more secure than loaning money to someone if you ever find yourself unable to pay your Shopee orders that require payment via COD since you’re too busy working. 

Furthermore, other cashless payment methods do not provide the same level of verification in the event that the processing of an online payment through an online bank transfer fails midway through the transaction.

How to Verify ShopeePay?

If you have a valid identity card (ID), you can validate your ShopeePay account by uploading it to the Shopee App. Fill in the information as it appears on your identification card. To assist in expediting the verification process, please submit a clear image of your ID as well as a picture of yourself holding your ID.

Step 1: Select the Me tab and then click Sign Up. Step 2: Type in your mobile phone number and press the Continue button. Step 3: Enter the Verification Code and then press the Verify button. Please keep in mind that you will receive an SMS with a verification code.

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