What is LazMall? There’s a lot of difference between being a Lazada seller and a LazMall seller, especially in terms of promotions, potential profit, and exclusive marketing opportunities.

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Lazada is a superb platform for sellers that want to form money part-time. However, once you opt to show your side hustle into a long-term venture, it might be a decent idea to appear into becoming an authorised reseller of branded products or better yet, create a product brand that you just can call your own.

Enter Lazada Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce portal with over 300 million product listings. Not only that, they launched LazMall last year and it’s SEA’s biggest branded shopping channel that has customers with reliable services and products quality assurance.

What is LazMall?

What is LazMall? Lazmall could be a specially curated channel for well-known international and native brands. Shopping at LazMall isn’t any different than shopping at an authentic brick-and-mortar shop.

Make purchases from authorised merchants that carry only 100% authentic items. Not only that, all purchases from LazMall are trackable. No more missing items! It doesn’t get more worry free than that.

When a customer goes to Lazada to look for a product, you may find a listing of mixed products that may comprise branded or unbranded categories. plenty of businesses have indeed been able to jumpstart their ventures through Lazada.

However, on the customers’ side, there is often some uncertainty since not everyone knows what reasonable product they’re going to get at the tip of the acquisition when it’s sold by a third party seller. There are frequent concerns of counterfeit and pretend products within the Lazada platform that concern buyers.

This potential uncertainty can pose risks to you as a seller likewise. If a consumer cannot come to a choice of whether to shop for or leave, your sales may be impacted. this is often where being a LazMall seller comes in handy.

Is LazMall authentic? LazMall could be a virtual mall within the Lazada platform where leading brands and international products are carefully curated. it’s home to authorised brand distributors likewise as top-rated online brands.

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LazMall’s Clear Proposition To Consumers And How These Benefits Sellers

LazMall benefits? LazMall’s value to consumers is made around 3 core propositions:

  • Fast and on-time delivery for LazMall customers
  • 100% authenticity for LazMall customers
  • 15-day money-back for LazMall customers

LazMall products have the next conversion rate just because consumers are guaranteed that the merchandise they’re purchasing is authentic.

This eliminates the uncertainty potential buyers are faced with when deciding whether an item is worth buying or not.

LazMall Seller Responsibilities

Even though Lazada may be a free selling platform for online businesses, its overall goal is to satisfy customers.

With regards to the guarantees set by Lazada to web shoppers, a LazMall seller needs to also make sure the authenticity of the products he submits to LazMall.

If a seller is caught with a confirmed counterfeit case, he will automatically be off from LazMall Philippines.

Perks Of Being A LazMall Seller

What is the LazMall flagship store? LazMall sellers also get to enjoy free services from a customer service team that’s solely dedicated to LazMall customers.

In the case of product returns, the whole process is going to be managed by Lazada through the Lazada warehouse. The latter can even opt to have their products picked up by Lazada personnel counting on their location.

  • LazMall badge are visible on your products throughout the customer journey
  • Better homepage visibility (and usually better search rank)
  • Exclusive access to LazMall campaigns just like the Mega Campaign barter program
  • Seller are going to be included within the LazMall brand-dedicated channel
  • Can add up to six products in Seller Picks (Instead of only three for Marketplace sellers)
  • Gains access to Golden Slots and Marketing Solutions

How To Join LazMall If You Are A New Seller

Here some steps for you ways to affix LazMall if you’re a replacement seller:

  • Go to the Lazada homepage then LazMall login and click “Sell on Lazada”.
  • Sign-up as a LazMall seller (only do this if you are a brand owner or an authorised reseller. Otherwise, you have to go through the appropriate processes to become one).
  • Fill in your details in the form. Tick the T&C checkmark and click Sign-Up.

How To Join LazMall If You Are An Existing Seller

Here some steps for you how to join LazMall Thailand if you are an existing seller:

  • Log in to your Lazada seller account and attend your profile page.
  • Go to the Brands tab.
  • You have to be qualified to enter the LazMall market. The standards are going to support your ASC performance.
  • If you’re qualified, you’ll see a fill-up form upon clicking the Brand tab. Enter your details and click on Submit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LazMall Sign-Ups

Here a number of commonly asked questions (FAQs) about LazMall sign-ups:

  • How long does the registration process take? you may wait approximately three weeks for the Lazada team to simply accept or decline your application.
  • Can you be a Lazada seller and LazMall seller at the identical time? No. If you initially signed up for LazMall, you can’t create a separate account for Lazada selling.
  • If you’re a Lazada seller who upgraded to a LazMall account, you can’t return to your old account.
  • How will you be notified about the appliance result? you may receive information about your registration through email.
  • What required documents does one must go through to undergo the process? you wish to produce your brand information, logo, banner templates, a trademark certificate for brand owners or an authorization letter for authorised resellers.
  • Does signing up for LazMall automatically cause you to be a LazMall seller? No. you’ve got to attend for confirmation from Lazada about the status of your registration.

Criteria To Qualify For LazMall Selling

Here a number of criteria to qualify for LazMall selling:

  • Your brand or trademark must be registered
  • Should be able to provide proof of authenticity
  • Should offer a 15-day return policy

If you are an existing LazMall seller, you can maintain your LazMall status by:

  • Maintaining a high seller rating
  • Should have a coffee order cancellation rate
  • Consistent on-time shipping
  • High chat latency
  • Should get a minimum of 30 order every month
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What is the difference between LazMall and LazGlobal? Online shopping wont to be such a minefield. What you see isn’t necessarily what you’ll get. Counterfeit goods were rife. They were cheap, but they weren’t quality and authentic. 

Every purchase was such a gamble! a minimum of what you’re getting with LazMall could be a peace of mind and an awesome shopping experience a bit like you’d during a proper mall.

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