These days, finding a way to earn and succeed during a time of uncertainty is pretty difficult. But with Ecommerce, it doesn’t have to be. The online market has boomed significantly over the years and ecommerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee have helped millions of people find success. One of the basic Lazada Seller Types is the Marketplace Seller.

In particular, Lazada has become one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the Philippines today because of its extensive features that help make online transactions easy both for buyers and sellers. One of these features is the Lazada Philippines. This article will help you understand that feature so that you too can possibly take advantage of it and achieve business success.

What is a Marketplace Seller in Lazada Philippines?

Individual and corporate sellers are both welcome to participate in this event. You have the option to sell with a 0% commission cost. In addition, you will have free access to seller tools, training, campaigns, and other resources. Our drop-off stations are conveniently located near you, making it simple to ship your purchases.

You can sell your stuff from any location. Mainland China and Hong Kong already have a considerable number of sellers who are based in these regions. European, American, and Australian sellers can ship their products directly to Lazada’s distribution center in Hong Kong, from where they can arrange for delivery to end customers in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

Sellers in other parts of the world can ship their products directly to Lazada’s distribution center in Hong Kong. 

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What are the Requirements for Marketplace Sellers? 

Making the transition to being a Lazada seller is a simple process that is not nearly as complicated as one may imagine. To get started, it only takes a few minutes, and the greatest part is that selling on Lazada is completely free. When someone purchases your stuff, you simply have to pay a SMALL commission.

Only when your piggy bank receives a penny will you be charged by Lazada. Based on the circumstances, Lazada may charge a different commission than expected. Listed below are the qualifications for becoming an official Lazada merchant:

  • You must first register on the Lazada online marketplace website.
  • Submit the necessary documentation, including your company’s registration and bank account information (if applicable).
  • The Seller Agreement should be carefully read and accepted as is.
  • Fill out the training form offered for new vendors on
  • To learn more, register for your Lazada seller center.
  • To begin selling, you must upload a minimum of five items.

As a result of the success of Lazada Marketplace throughout holiday seasons such as Singles Day, Doubles Day, and others, it has emerged as the most enticing market that draws the attention of the majority of shoppers. Lazada has 27,000 active merchants and receives more than 48 million site visits per month, and it is expanding at a consistent rate of growth.

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As the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Lazada has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brands serving 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, which is backed by a comprehensive suite of marketing, data, and service solutions tailored to the needs of each seller and brand.

Finance and Taxes

Selling on Lazada requires sellers who are eligible to withhold taxes (Withholding Tax Agents) to file Form BIR 2307, which serves as proof that they withheld taxes on Lazada’s behalf. A withholding tax agent is any individual or business who is responsible for deducting and remitting the taxes withheld to the government on behalf of the withholding tax payer. This form can be found on this page.

A written confirmation of the sale of services or an acknowledgement of the receipt of cash payment for services delivered is issued by Lazada to sellers as written evidence of the transaction. In order to receive an official receipt, please submit your request via the Lazada Form. 

Official Lazada invoices are produced in hardcopy and packaged with your goods to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition (s). In addition, for items that are ‘Fulfilled by Lazada’ (FBL), a softcopy of the invoice will be delivered to consumers via email within 5 working days after the purchase has been ‘Delivered.”

Official receipts from Lazada are typically included with the item that is being shipped. If, on the other hand, you did not obtain a receipt for the goods, please submit a request to with your request. The shipment will contain the delivery of our merchant representatives, as well as a copy of the seller’s invoice.

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