TikTok business account may be a social media platform that’s relatively new yet highly popular. it would not be the primary social media app you think of when it involves marketing your business. But as its popularity only continues to grow, it’s clear that TikTok deserves an area near the highest of your to-do list.

This article would go beyond TikTok business manager, TikTok creator account, how to utilize or create TikTok ads manager, TikTok create account, or even how to make a new account on tiktok. This article is an essential help for you to set up your TikTok business account.

What is a TikTok Business Account?

This app is maybe best known for all of its fun and artistic editing tools and filters for videos. But the TikTok business centre actually contains a lot more to supply, especially if you’re a brand. In fact, they need special accounts specifically for using TikTok for business.

A TikTok business account could be a specific quiet TikTok account that’s optimised to push a business. This sort of account is different from the standard creator profile on TikTok. Business accounts are specifically geared to assist brands get discovered through features such as:

  • Unique engagement solutions.
  • Real-time performance tracking.
  • The ability to recognise and post relevant content and trends.

If you have got a product or service to push, a TikTok business account could be smart thanks to make out. TikTok has 800 million active monthly users. It’s available worldwide in more than 150 countries.

This social media app is particularly popular among teens and young adults. Once your TikTok profile is ready, you’ll be able to begin posting content and growing your account. The content you post is going to be like the content that other TikTok creators post.

Your content, however, will always have an end goal of driving more brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions. Here are four specific ways you’ll use TikTok for business.

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Is it Better to Have a TikTok Business Account or a Creator Account?

TikTok business accounts are much more optimised, and it entirely focuses on promoting a business. Business accounts work at a rapid pace through effective engagement solutions and Real Time performance tracking. They also enhance the visibility of the brands by posting relevant trends and content.

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How to Use TikTok For Your Business

Like any other social media platform, you’ll get the best results if you start with a social strategy. Here are a couple of tips that will get your business up and running on TikTok in no time.

Tip 1. Take Time to Learn TikTok

This might seem like a given, but you should take the time to learn the app and all of its features. Yes, it is similar to other social media apps, but TikTok for business is filled with plenty of its own nuances. 

If you know all the available tools, you’ll be able to create better content. Also, if you take some time to see what other sorts of videos are being posted, you’ll get a good idea of what content performs well. 

Tip 2. Find What Makes Your Company Unique

While you’re getting to know the app and all of its features, follow a wide variety of accounts. You never know where you’ll find inspiration. It can also be helpful to see what potential competitors are doing so you can be different. TikTok users love unique content.

But it’s not enough to just be different. Any social media strategist will tell you that audiences are craving authenticity, and it couldn’t be more accurate on TikTok. If you can figure out what makes your content stand out from all of the other videos, TikTok’s algorithm can make sure the right users see it.

Tip 3. Get Scrappy

Don’t be afraid to get a little scrappy with your videos. TikTok content definitely does not need to feel like it was shot by the next Spielberg. In fact, it’s probably better if your videos don’t look as shiny or polished. 

Videos that are a little less put together have a more handmade feel and, in turn, feel more genuine. So go ahead and let loose. Have fun with your content. We’re willing to bet that the more fun you have making videos, the better performance you’ll get.

Tip 4. Inspire Others

This tip is a little easier said than done. Social media is all about having a conversation with your fans and followers. So, how do you get people to engage with your content? Well, on TikTok, one of the best ways to do that is through challenges and TikTok Live streams. 

That being said, every day, there are hundreds if not thousands of challenges starting, meaning you’ll have to find a way to cut through the clutter. Difficult, but not impossible. And if you’re engaging with your followers in real time during a Live stream, then inspiring them to get involved and spread awareness about your business should feel organic.

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How to Set Up a TikTok Ads Account

If you’ve already got a personal TikTok account, it’s easy to switch over to a Business Account: 

  • Download Tik Tok for business.
  • Create a new personal account. You can use your email, or log in with your Google, Twitter or Facebook account.
  • Tap Me in the lower right corner, then tap Edit Profile. Here, you can add a profile picture and bio, plus links to other social accounts.
  • To switch to a Business Account, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then Manage Account.
  • Tap Switch To Pro Account and choose between Business or Creator.
  • Now, pick the category that best describes your brand and tap Next.
  • Add a website and email address to your profile.

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Types of TikTok Ads

There are several different types of TikTok ads. The type of ad you create will depend on your campaign goals.

Brand Takeovers

Brand takeover ads pop up as soon as a user opens the TikTok app. This type of ad can also show up on the For You page. Brand takeover ads often have a link that goes to a landing page.

In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are ads that appear in a user’s feed. These videos pop up in between other videos as a user is scrolling through their feed. In-feed ads are effective because they don’t look like ads, they just look like normal videos. 

Sponsored Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are a great method for brands to get more awareness and revenue. When you create a sponsored hashtag challenge, you ask your followers to post videos of themselves using your product or doing a specific activity or dance. 


Finally, if your goal is to establish yourself on TikTok, establish your account by consistently posting high-quality content. This will help you gain credibility with users who check out your profile.

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