TikTok Philippines became a hit in 2019 and has not stopped being in the limelight since then. From dance challenges to weird food trends, TikTok is definitely the way to go. It has given the internet so much new content and it has given people a platform to be themselves and create any type of content that they want to have. 

Recently, TikTok released a feature called TikTok shop which allowed businesses to create content and promote it on the said social media. This revolutionized the way we see TikTok from something as simple as a source of entertainment to an avenue for online businesses to thrive. The new feature has proven that social commerce is the future. 

What is Social Commerce? 

The sale of things on social media is known as social commerce definition. Social commerce relies on a social media platform for its buying experience, from discovery and research through payment. Social media and online shopping combined into one experience is the main idea that social commerce is about.

A good social commerce example is content creators selling their products on TikTok by creating videos that follow certain trends or filters in order for them to appear in the For Your Page or FYP of the Tiktok users. Social commerce us everywhere, and you can start benefiting from it too.

What Is TikTok Shop? 

In an extended partnership with Shopify, TikTok has recently released a feature called TikTok Shopping. TikTok videos are so powerful that a single trend can impact the sales of a certain product which is why Shopify and TikTok saw that it would be fit for business. The new TikTok online shop allows sellers to directly link their videos to their business website or provide an order form in the bio section of their profile for their products. 

Everyone in TikTok has the potential of reaching a wide audience and becoming a sought after account or product. For instance, the infamous Feta Cheese and tomato recipe or the Japanese flower bubble hand soap, both are trends that drove up the sales of the products featured by content creators. Commerce is no longer confined to websites because of TikTok business. 

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2 Ways to Sell Using TikTok Shop

There are more than one available ways on how to earn money from TikTok. You can either sell your own items on your own account with your own terms or through TikTok Affiliate where you can coordinate with content creators to plan campaigns for you and sell the products for you as a form of commission. Read below to know more about the 2 ways. 

How to Sell on Your Own

You can earn TikTok money on your own by posting short videos, usually 15 seconds to 1 minute, or via live streaming. You can embed your product links on your short video content which will enable viewers to directly access your products or website by clicking on the link that you embedded. 

Sellers are constantly encouraged by TikTok to make use of features such as filters, sounds, or duet in order to attract more viewers. If you want to sell on your own using TikTok Shop Philippines, you need to be smart in attracting buyers too. You may refer to local accounts like Loops and Co. by Angel to get a grasp of what to do. 

How to Sell with TikTok Affiliate

TikTok Affiliates are a sure way to reach your potential customers from a much wider audience. TikTok Affiliate allows sellers to contact TikTok influencers with big followings to market their products for them. The influencers will ask for monetary compensation in return, or  even x-deals in the form of free products or discount vouchers.

It is up to the seller and the influencer how they will coordinate with regards to compensation. Sometimes, commissions are also given through product codes. For example, if an influencer will be given a code NAME1010 for a 10% discount on checkout, every time that the specific code is used, a portion of the revenue will go to the influencer. 

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How to Register Your Business Using TikTok Shop?

First, you need to have a TikTok account. The app needs to verify that you are of the right age in order to approve your sign up request. After that, you will be given the option to sign up as a TikTok Shop Seller. 

The TikTok Seller Center is more than just an avenue to see the TikTok shop, it also allows sellers to manage their products, orders, and even marketing plans or engagements. Here are the steps to sign up as a seller on TikTok:

Basic Information

Sign up as a TikTok seller and input all of your primary information. These are things like your location, contact information, email address, and birth date. TikTok asks you to complete all of the information required and leave no blank. 

Business Information

Second, you will need to enter information about your business. For example, your business location, your store address, store name, and type of business whether it is beauty, wellness, fitness, or others. 

Important Information

Lastly, Tiktok will ask for important documents such as your business license, and other documents that are confidential to you and TikTok. This will help TikTok know that you are a legit seller so they can verify your account. 

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