In the difficult times we live in, it’s quite difficult to find something positive to look forward to. But, if you got some extra money why not invest it in the most important thing you can invest in, yourself. So why not treat yourself, or maybe even a loved one, to something that can make life a little bit better.

So to help you find those products that can bring some spice into your life, why not turn to TikTok? One of the largest social media platforms right now, for support. In an effort to attract viewers, content creators on the platform have made thousands, if not millions, of short-form videos on great products that you too can buy. So why not take advantage and use their wisdom to find the products worth your hard earned money?

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Wellness & Lifestyle

Below are wellness and lifestyle products seen on Tiktok that you will surely want to buy.

Incense Waterfalls

Ironically, while stuck at home finding a way to relax in the stressful world we live in right now can be pretty difficult. One great way to relax the nerves though, is to try out aromatherapy. These incense waterfalls are great because they fill your environment with the soothing scent of your choice. Not only that, these specialized incense serve as amazing & eye-catching pieces of decor that will wow any visitor that enters your space.

UV Sterilizing Phone Charger

Given that we live in a world where we really have to be careful about keeping ourselves clean and safe from different germs and viruses, this product will really help keep you safe and clean. 

We take our phones everywhere and place it on lots of different surfaces where dirt and potentially harmful bacteria can easily cling to them. So with this product, making sure that your device is clean and well-charged in one go becomes a piece of cake.

Blue Light Glasses

Keeping our eyes fixed on a screen has honestly become so integral to our everyday lives. But while this really can’t be changed, the constant radiation from your devices’ screens can potentially affect your eyesight. No need to worry because blue light glasses are the TikTok-approved solutions to your worries. Blue light glasses can protect you against harmful light and you’ll easily be able to use your gadgets without your eyes becoming fatigued.

Nano Toothbrush

There are many hygiene-related in demand products in Philippines right now, and this one in particular is arguably one of the best. It’s not one of the products that can be found easily but it can really improve your oral hygiene. With more than 10 times more bristles compared to your average toothbrush, you’ll be able to clean your teeth almost as good as your dentist instantly.

Quirky & Entertaining Products

Tiktok products are all about fun, so check out these entertaining products to help you get out of boredom.

Pop It Fidget Toys

Like many people around the world, you’ve probably got some tender childhood memories of you just popping bubble wrap and having fun. If you can relate to this, then this is for sure one of the worth it products you don’t want to miss. Pop It fidget toys are great because they help calm your nerves and have the ability to let people of all ages have a constant source of simple satisfaction.

Mini Fog Machine

In the past, when you’d watch a movie and see a cool scene of a character emerging from a cloud of mist at some point you probably wished you could do that too. Turns out many people have also wanted to do this too and this TikTok viral product can help realize this dream. With it you’ll be able to transform your spaces into cool fantasy scenes in no time.

Reversible Octopus Plushies

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to convey how you feel to those around you, but this cute stuffed toy can turn that around with a cute twist. The plushy has expressions–happy and angry–which you can change at your will as a cute yet clear message to everyone about how you feel. Afterall, how you feel matters, so what are you waiting for? Get your plushie now!

Electric Insect Rackets

At some point in your life, you’ve probably wanted to physically unleash your wrath on the pesky insects around your home. This product helps you do exactly that. Shaped like a badminton racket it allows you to manifest the athlete within you to help clear out the bugs flying around your home. Not to mention, it uses electricity to make sure that the bugs really stay down. This product is as cool and as useful as it gets.

Body and Beauty

Of course the quarantine can get you carried away so make sure to get these body and beauty products from Tiktok.

Fitness Slim Belts

Are you looking for a way to trim body fat but can’t seem to find the time to workout? You should probably try out slim belts,one of the best selling product online right now. When worn around the waist, it uses thermal technology to induce sweat production which will cause waist-measurement reduction. So while you get through your daily tasks, just have the belt on and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

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Pressure Point Massagers

Sometimes, your hands or your regular old massage roller just isn’t enough to soothe some muscle pains. Out of many TikTok products, this one will surely help you and your aching muscles. The unique massager is one of the most trending products right now because it triggers certain points on your muscles to ease stress while also being able to target hard-to-reach places on your body. What more could you want from a massager?

Face Humidifiers

To give your face the attention and care it needs, you no longer need to go to a beauty salon because now you can do it yourself! The product uses a gentle steaming mechanism that has numerous benefits for your face including better blood circulation and acne prevention. This product is one of the best examples of trends in the Philippines that really do help promote self-care and beauty.

Shampoo Brush

If you’re someone who’s looking to step-up their shower game then this probably is the product for you. It’s a simple product with a variety of benefits that you probably never thought you needed. It reduces stress on your scalp while also making sure that your hair gets the thorough cleaning that it needs. There’s pretty much no reason why not to get it, so go ahead and order it!

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