Are you looking for stuff to post on Facebook? You go to the right sites. In this article, we will discuss about 13 things that you can post on your Facebook homepage. Let’s check this out!

13 Stuff to Post on Facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook? Most of the Philippines must have a Facebook account already. Facebook is one of the most popular social media that you can use to share your daily life, memories or even promote your business. Facebook platforms work by connecting with friends and what you are searching for.

When you are selling things, Facebook can be the media to market your business. The reason why you should market and promote your business on Facebook is because there are a lot of Facebook users in the Philippines and worldwide. This means you can promote your business worldwidely.

Now the question is how often should I do Facebook post template? Based on research the effective Facebook posts are 2 to 5 times a week. Are you curious about the things you can post on Facebook? Let’s check this out!

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Promote Your Website

The first thing you can post is to promote your website. You can try to use the compliment profile picture too. When you promote your website and business, you can use your business link on Facebook. It will help to increase your traffic as well as leads.

Tell a Story

Another best Facebook posts are by telling your story routinely with your audience. You can share about your interest, daily life or even your business brand and the upcoming products.

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Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

You can also use catchy Facebook posts for businesses like sharing behind the scenes content or pre release video. This will make your audience more excited and waiting for the products to be released. Beside that, sharing behind-the-scenes content on Facebook will help the audience to understand your operations.

Ask Your Followers Questions

You can also try to find the funniest Facebook posts and ask your follower questions about it. By doing this, you can generate more audience engagement. When you ask your audience questions and opinions, it will make the post more interactive. 

Once the audience replies to your question, you will gain insight on how the audience feels and thinks. Based on the replies, you can know your audiences’ opinion about your product too. You can respond to their replies. them.

Post Tutorials 

If you are looking for more audiences’ engagement, why don’t you try to post tutorials that are related to your business products and don’t forget to use business captions for Facebook. You will see how your leads will increase.

If you are sharing good product tutorials which are useful, the audience will keep coming back to check whether you have other new tutorials. But if you choose to post tutorials, you need to have a lot of creativity. Make sure to create an informational unique video tutorial to your Facebook homepage.

Share User-Generated Content

User Generated Content or UGC is the best Facebook group content that is created by people who are using the products or services or have an experience with the business. By sharing UGC, you can get your Facebook audiences’ trust.

The UGC content can be anything starting from the product reviews, product testimonials and also photos which are used as proof that the audience has used the products and giving the real review and testimony.

Post Videos

You can also post the fb trending today video, upcoming movie or others unique and funny videos to make the audiences keep coming to your platform.

Post Blog Content

If you want to fboost get followers and likes fb, you can use blog content as the strategies. Try to write and expose the useful blog to your audience which will help their daily activity like how to use zoom and so on.

Use Hashtags

To make your content easily found by others, you can create your own unique hashtags and type it in your content. You need to ensure that you use the related hashtag in your content. When you use the related hashtags, you can see how the visibility and audience will increase.

Post About Trending Topics

Besides using hashtags, you can come with the happening topics. By posting about the trending topics, you can communicate with your audience and share each other’s opinion but remember to post the real information.

Before you post the happening topics, try to make sure that the information is true so your audience will not get the misleading information. You can keep updating the new information about the trending topics because many people will be curious and keep talking about it.

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Share Branded Graphics 

As mentioned above, Facebook is one of the most popular social media that can be used as a media to promote and market your business. The main goals of promoting your products is to increase brand awareness and also sales. In this Facebook platform, you can share your brand graphics so that your audience will easily recognize your business brand.

Share Product Photos

To increase more sales engagement, you can try to share your business product photos in social media like Facebook. Before posting the product photo, you have to make sure that you have taken good quality photos of your products. It is better to use a plain white background to make it more professional.

Host A Game And Giveaways

No one avoids giveaways. Once you host games and giveaways to your Facebook account, you will see how much the audience will increase on your account but make sure to give the specific giveaway.

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Facebook is one of the popular social media marketing sites that you can use to promote your business or just share your daily life. If you are confused about what things you should post on your Facebook homepage, you can follow the ideas mentioned above.

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