In the online business world, it is important to have an Ecommerce website. This helps your online business to stay relevant and to attract more engaged customers. The good thing about ecommerce websites is that it gives you the creative freedom to tweak it to best suit your business and product needs. 

It is now an absolute must to have a website in today’s global marketplace. At the minimum, you might just have your prospective clients get to know your business better. But to maximize results, you should have it laid out in a way that encourages your site visitors to enter your funnel and finally sell into buyers.

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What is an Ecommerce Website? 

An ecommerce website is a type of online marketplace that allows both merchants and customers to purchase and sell items and services, whether they are physical or digital. While the previous options for e-commerce, such as emails and phone calls, were slow and tedious, websites can now make the transaction process much quicker and more efficient with the latest technological advances.

In the internet marketplace, there are several types of e-commerce sites you can explore such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B websites. Nevertheless, a set of categories cannot be definitively established for these sites. Once you know all about E-commerce Websites the remaining hurdle now is how to increase website traffic fast. 

10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

There are a lot of ways to increase traffic on your website. There are free ways, paid ways, and even self-supported ways on increasing traffic. 

Let Google Help

There are actually a bunch of ways on how to increase website traffic through Google. There are a lot of Search Engine Marketing tactics that can help you.

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Make Use of Google Business

When your Google Business profile is complete with information, it gets exponentially more engagement than an incomplete one. You should continue to add links to your Google Business Listings. The additional benefit of having links to your website on your listings is that it can help you drive more visitors to your website.

Don’t forget that Google’s search results are getting more sophisticated. If you supply all the information your customers need to make a purchasing choice, they might skip visiting your website altogether and contact or visit your store which can actually be better than visiting your website.

The fact that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches makes the use of Google Business essential for the success of your business. It also leverages images to give consumers a feel for what it’s like to be at your establishment, removing the ambiguity that is a primary barrier to entrance.

The service allows users to talk directly with your business through your listing, which increases the chances of engagement and finding new clients.

Check Out Google Ads

Ads that are paid are included at the top of search engine results pages. Visitors who meet your needs are a terrific approach to bring traffic to your website. Furthermore, the ads cost you only when a person clicks on them.

Google Ads allows customers to pay to get your domain shown first at top of search engine results when people search for certain keywords. When certain keywords are provided, Google scans the competing accounts and then ranks the paid advertisements in order of the advertisement’s quality and content.

Explore Google Maps Advertising

Within the Google Ads system, you can also specify settings to ensure that your business appears at the top of Search engine Maps search results. There will be a statement beside each of your listing that this is a sponsored search, just as there is with ordinary paid search advertisements, but the exposure you receive by appearing at the top of the search results page is priceless.

Google Maps advertising is straightforward to set up and takes only a few minutes. Link your Google Ads account to Google My Business and activate location addons. It’s important to guarantee your ad is effective by using current terms in your promotions. These minute things can be the difference between SEO and SEM.

Capitalize on the Use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To boost your search engine rankings and enhance your website traffic, there are numerous SEO techniques you may execute on every page of your site. A wide range of tasks that have to be completed to make your audience’s research time shorter and more productive, including generating search-engine-optimized relevant keywords for your sites.

Your URL will appear in search engine results with your relevant keywords. The more likely a user is to click, the more certain you may be of what a website is all about and what is going to happen. For free strategies like these, expect to invest some time in execution.

Building Website Traffic for Free

If the options from Google are a little risky for your needs, no worries because there are definitely free ways on how to increase your website traffic for free.

Do Some Internal Linking

Connecting to your website from another website is a special link called Internal Link. Links to similar firms or industry leaders will not only bring your business to the attention of a wider audience, but they will also draw in more qualified visitors to your website.

Google also detects other websites linking to yours, and will boost your business’s credibility if it sees trustworthy sites doing the same. Higher ranks provides better traffic for Google, which is enhanced even more with the confidence they have in you. Free premium referrals to your website will have you standing out on Google. 

Hop on the Email Marketing Tactics

It’s a good idea to send out regular email updates and promote deals through email to maintain contact with your consumers and increase website traffic. You can provide more information and links to your website pages via opinion pieces and inbound marketing for certain offers.

You have to be careful to avoid overwhelming your subscribers with messages, since doing so will alienate them, or cause them to unsubscribe from your email updates. Carefully consider your email subject lines. It is possible that your emails will not be opened attributed to the dominance of these. If your emails are not viewed, they can’t generate you with website traffic.

Be a Part of Online Directories 

Acquiring a listing in free online indexes and review sites is another effective method of increasing traffic to your website. Because your profile on most of these sites will include a backlink, keeping these listings up to date and receiving great evaluations is likely to result in increased website traffic. Furthermore, several directories, such as Yelp, have a high domain authority on Google, which is beneficial. 

There is a potential that your company’s free Google reviews will appear high in search results for related terms. This is also a way on how to increase website traffic without SEO. Online directories contain everything, even searches like how to increase website traffic for pet or cars. 

Social Media Can be Your Tool

Social media is such a vast place. There are more ways than one on how to increase website traffic through social media. 

Hashtags are Your Friends

This is a way on how to increase your website traffic organically. By using hashtags in posts that promote your website pages and blog posts, you can increase your visibility beyond your current network and be discovered by people who are searching for your products and services. 

Adding hashtags to postings that advertise your website content and blog posts is simple. The greater the number of people that click on your connections, the more organic traffic you will receive to your website.

Increase Traffic with Social Media Posts

Using social media to promote your business are some of the most popular online marketing tactics available today, and it plays an important part in driving visitors to your website. Boost articles and other relevant items on your domain using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

You may use this method to convert your followers on social media into web traffic, and you can also garner attention from their communities if you produce material that is shareable. Creating useful material is completely free, and it is not as difficult as it may appear. You are the master in your item or brand; your duty is to make it understandable to your target audience.

Commit to Social Media Advertising

When using social media advertising, you’re paying to show up in feeds that are related to what the searcher was looking for. Though you may target your demographic using both advertising mediums, social media enables better audience targeting with its wealth of psychographic data.

Banner advertising, often known as promotional ads, are used to display brand imagery on websites of relevance. If your ad is displayed on a website concerning sporting equipment, your campaign is expected to get visits from users looking for your services.

Websites and social media feeds can display retargeting adverts. Visitors to your site are encouraged to return by being put in front of visitors who have previously visited once.

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