How to change categories on Facebook business pages? While you’ll want to use hashtags in your posts for both Instagram and Facebook, you will want to regulate which hashtags you’re using where. 

Plus, Instagram posts have a median of seven hashtags while Facebook posts have a better engagement rate when only one or two hashtags are used. after you share to Facebook, you have got the chance to edit your caption, so block your hashtags before posting to Facebook.

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Linking your Facebook and Instagram business pages saves you time on cross platform posts, plus that it’s easy to line up in mere four simple steps. Social media isn’t a pleasant to possess for tiny business marketing but a necessity to own. So work smarter not harder when it involves local social media marketing by linking your pages today.

What are the Categories for Facebook Business Pages?

How to change Facebook page category to local business? Facebook, as these days 2016 about, has turned the page category box into an awfully free-form and open selection. There are thousands of various categories to choose from, so I can’t possibly list them here. 

Every keyword seems to own a dozen different categories attached to that. for instance, if I type in these keywords, here are recommendations Facebook gives:

  • Boat: Boat Service, Boat Rental, Marina, Boat Tours, Boat Sales, Boat Dealership and Sailing Instructor.
  • Local: Government Building, Farmer’s Market, Local Travel and Government Official.
  • Music: Song, Artist, Music Award, Music Venue, Music Video, Musician/Band, Music Store, Arts and Entertainment.

The list goes on and on and on. Facebook also encourages you to place in three varied but specific categories. As they assert, they only keep the three most specific categories. So, for instance, if you added “song” and “music”, it’s likely that they’d only keep “song.”

This means it’s worthwhile to drill right down to three specific and relevant categories to suit your business. A general contractor for various home renovations might enter plumber, electrician, and carpenter, though this might hop over a number of their crucial services. Instead, they may put in home renovation, general contractor, and landscaper.

It’s an honest idea to give some thought to three different aspects of your business and find categories that cover as many of the bases as possible to urge a broad overview of your page type. Remember, though, that different categories can provide different features.

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How Do I Add Categories to My Facebook Page?

Why can’t I change my Facebook page category? For the moment, there are some main features of a page that are “variable” depending on your page category. Except actually only four of them are variables. According to Facebook’s charge, every page has:

  • The ability to write a short description of the business or entity that the page represents.
  • The ability to link to a specific website for the business or entity the page represents.
  • The ability to list specific services that the business or entity provides.
  • The ability to turn on a ratings and review system (formerly tied to being a local business) so that fans can review and give star ratings to the business or entity.
  • The ability to include an email for users to use as a means of contacting representatives of the business or entity.
  • The ability to include a phone number, again for users to use to contact the business or entity the page represents.

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How to Edit Your Facebook Page’s Category

Your Facebook page’s categories appear below your page’s name in search and can help people find what they’re looking for. You can follow the below-given steps to edit your page’s category on Facebook:

  • First you need to Log-in to your Facebook account.
  • Next you need to visit your Facebook Page.
  • After visiting a page click About on the left side of your Page.
  • From the given options click Edit next to Category.
  • You can type in up to 3 categories and select an option from the dropdown list that appears.
  • After selecting options click Save.

If you don’t see a particular category that describes your Facebook page, you can choose the closest available option. The most important thing is that you can edit the category of your page to the number of times there’s no limit.

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How Do I Change My Facebook Page Category To Local Business?

Some years ago, you’d only choose your Facebook business page categories 2022 once when creating it. The platform offered several page category options. These Facebook page categories allowed users to venture into fields like sports, local services, magazines and books.

Most times, Facebook would restrict users to 1 specific niche once they select it. All the identical, each Facebook category was broad and offered a substantial level of flexibility. in an exceedingly case where the user wished to vary the final Facebook page category, that they had to match a series of requirements.

Here the steps how to change your Facebook page category to local business:

  • Click on About which is available in the left side of your page
  • Click Edit next to Category.
  • Type in up to 3 categories and select an option from the dropdown list that appears.
  • Click Save.
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Can You Change The Name Of Your Business Page On Facebook?

How to change page categories on Facebook? If you have Facebook access to a Page, you can switch into your Page and request a change to your Page’s name on Facebook. If you have task access to a Page, you can’t request a change to your Page’s name. Enter a new Page name, then click Review Change.

How to Change a Facebook Account Category on the Phone?

Here the steps how to change a Facebook account category on the phone:

  • In the bottom right of Facebook, tap the menu.
  • Tap  Pages or Your number Pages.
  • Go to your Page and tap .
  • Tap Page info then tap Category.
  • Tap an existing category to delete it, or tap Add category + to create a new one.
  • Type to search for the category you want to add, then tap the category to select it.
  • Tap to select the category, then tap Save.

How to Change Facebook Business Page to Public Figure

To create your page, visit Facebook page categories list creator and choose Artist, Band or figure. Select Artist, Band or influential person because of the Facebook page type. Next, select an important person from the Category computer menu, type in your name and click on start.

How to Change Business Facebook Account to Personal?

How do I choose a category on my Facebook page? All you’ve got to try and do is move to the Profile to Page Migration page, found here. you’ll be asked to settle on a category for your new page, so a sub category. you’ll fill out a small amount of knowledge, confirm other information and you will be good to travel.

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Facebook doesn’t allow you to form a business page without it being linked to a private profile. Any business page needs an admin, who may be one that manages the page. However, once you have got it founded, you’ll assign roles and add other accounts as administrators.

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