As the job field becomes lesser and job-seeking becomes more challenging ever since the pandemic, many people have decided to rely on online businesses to make ends meet. If you are also thinking about starting an online business through a marketplace like Lazada, it’s cool! But make sure you are informed enough about what the SLA meaning Lazada and why it is important to learn about.

Quoting The Philippines Statistics Authority from a published article back on the 10th of February 2022, the rate of jobless people in the Philippines increased to the 3,27 Million people, reflected by 6.6% in rates. Whether we like to admit it or not, the pandemic indeed has been turning life to become harder than it already is. 

Regardless, we should be quite grateful because although applying for a decent job with good pay seems tough, we can still try to make ends meet by focusing on becoming online sellers. Many platforms are easy to use and can be quite helpful to attract buyers and make a little income, one of them being Lazada.

However, before starting your first ever online business, it will be more awesome if you get yourself informed about how the system works in Lazada. Through this article, we will be writing about what SLA meaning Lazada, the shipment policy in Lazada, whether or not the SLA can be extended, and how to do it.  So, since you are already here, why not read until the bottom of this article, right?

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Generally, a Service Level Agreement is a form of agreement between a provider and end-user which clearly states and defines the level of services that the end-user expects from the service provider. 

The Lazada SLA meaning included in the Shipping On Time agreement. The main point of Ship On Time SLA Lazada is to measure the seller’s ability to fulfill orders within the agreed service level timeline.

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What is The Ship On-Time Policy?

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The Shipping-On-Time policy in Lazada measures the percentage of ordered items fulfilled within the agreed SLA in comparison to the total items considered valid or fulfillable (in terms of not being canceled by either consumers or systems).

The Ship-On-Time metric is refreshed daily and measured over 28 days where it starts counting orders from Day-8 to Day-35. The first-week gap is intentionally set by the Lazada system considering the order from the past 7 days will typically not finish their fulfillment journey yet hence, is not counted within the displayed metric.

Orders that are fulfilled within the agreed SLA are the orders that have been handed over to Lazada’s logistic partners or Drop-Off Point Stations within the appropriate time range. By means, the orders have successfully changed their logistic status into “Transit to Ship”. 

Transit to Ship meaning in Lazada is often indicates that a package of an order has already been picked up by third-party logistics and is ready to be shipped to customers.

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The standard SLA regarding on-time shipment has been explained by Lazada as these followings:

  • For LazMall Seller, the standard SLA for guarantee orders is within the next working day while the standard orders are within two working days.
  • For Local Marketplace Seller, the standard SLA is within two working days, and.
  • For Crossborder Sellers, the standard SLA is within five working days.

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According to the shipping policy Lazada, working days counted from Monday to Friday exclude public holidays during the non-Mega Campaign periods. However, during the Mega Campaign period, working days are stated to be from Monday to Friday and include any weekends occurring within the campaign period.

SLA stated above applies to all sellers in general unless you have requested SLA extensions and have been approved by Lazada. Orders that are not meeting this one-time shipment regulation will be flagged as SLA breached.

What is SLA breached meaning? It indicates the seller’s incapability to fulfill orders within the agreed time and will affect your store’s overall SOT performance calculation. For example, a LazMall seller who receives the guarantee orders should have proceeded with the package and passed it to the logistics provider by the end of Tuesday at the very least.

Should sellers fail to hand the package to logistic providers within this period, the seller’s store will reflect the “SLA Breached” flag. But, despite breaching the LA, if the order is still not yet canceled, you can continue to process and fulfill the order unless you have got permission to extend their SLA.

How Can I Extend My SLA?

According to information gathered from Lazada Seller Center, Lazada will only consider requests for an extension under the following circumstances:

  • The seller has scheduled for order pick up but the pickup team didn’t arrive.
  • There are no operating drop off points near the seller’s location.
  • Lazada’s system error.
  • There are pricing errors.
  • The delayed process of customer-requested cancellation.

If you have faced one of the problems listed above, you may have to fill out the forms below and request extensions:

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Cancellation Extension Request Form

The seller has to submit this form if the problems occurred includes:

  • System error.
  • Pricing error.
  • Delayed process of customer requested cancellation.

Ship On Time Exemption Request Form

Submit this form if sellers faced the following problems:

  • Delayed Pick up.
  • There are no operating drop points available within the seller’s location.

Sellers can access both forms by accessing the Order Fulfillment and Logistics page in Help Center through Lazada Seller Center.


After reading about what is SLA meaning Lazada PH, we hope that you have a better insight into the importance of processing an order as soon as it is confirmed. Delayed shipment might cause your store to be flagged as SLA breached and it will affect your overall performance scoring.

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