Shopee store recommendations? The expansion of Shopee during the pandemic gives out a glimpse of how eCommerce is prospering. Around 47.33 million month visitor count is recorded back in 2020.

Though this massive e-commerce venture contains a worldwide footprint, the countryside reported having the best visitor’s count. The unique aspect of the shop is its diverse inventory. From women’s fashion to kids’ wear, electronics to home appliances, you’ll be able to browse whatever you’d like.

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Are There Fake Sellers on Shopee?

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way we function daily, with notable changes to the way we work, live, and shop. Because the masses get comfortable with various online shopping tips, exploitative fraudsters are using the chance to form a windfall through unscrupulous tactics.

Shopee scams round the country and it’s time we put a stop to them. Read on to understand the way to spot these online shopping scams, and the way to not fall for them.

Scammers send a text through any messaging platform informing you of a confirmed transaction through an e-commerce website. Adding thereto is that somebody has apparently stolen your debit or mastercard details. Shopee scams like this are common and infrequently sent out via blast.

If you call the amount within the message, someone pretending to be a bank officer will develop the decision. During the conversation, they’ll raise your bank verification details, in hopes of accessing the funds within.

Check if you have got an account with the bank in question. If yes, call the bank directly through official hotlines, which might be found on their respective websites. Finally, never share your personal information (bank account number, IC and mastercard number) with anyone pretending to be an official in an internet scam.

There are a pair of scenarios to the current Shopee scam, but all of them aim to try and do one thing: Dupe you into relinquishing your personal details or making payments outside of Shopee.

Masquerading as a paid social media post using the Shopee logo, tempting you into giving your personal information in exchange for exclusive vouchers. Impersonating as Shopee, scammers use messaging platforms to trick you into thinking you’ve won a contest. to assert the prize, you have got to key in your login details.

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A purported Shopee employee informs you via WhatsApp to settle outstanding payments. To do so, you would like to transfer all monies to a particular checking account. You’re told that you’ve overpaid for an order, and are requested to return the overpaid amount immediately.

A supposed once-in-a-lifetime deal pops up and to urge it, you’ll have to pay on to the scammer. requesting your personal information or one-time password (OTP) to verify your purchases on Shopee. In reality, it’s all an elaborate process to defraud you once they gain access to your account.

A common online shopping scam tactic, scammers use phishing websites or ad pop-ups to extract your login credentials. More often than not, these places seem like the official platform.

Scammers send you an SMS containing a link with details of uncollected parcels. After clicking on the link, you may see a message telling you that the parcels are withheld because of several reasons, which include unpaid shipping charges or taxes.

You must then get these charges if you would like to retrieve the products. After receiving the payment, the scammer signs off and disappears from the conversation.

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What are Shopee Preferred Sellers?

Preferred Sellers are exclusively selected by Shopee in recognition of their excellent sales and customer service. As a Preferred Seller, you’ll be identified by the “Preferred” tag shown on your shop and listings.

Additionally, all of your product listings are going to be tagged with the “Shopee 100% Authentic Guarantee” tag to further boost your credibility as a seller. The tag will appear on your product display page offering a refund Guarantee should a buyer receive a counterfeit product.

If a product is proven to be counterfeit, buyers are going to be eligible for a 100% refund borne by the vendor. In addition to it, the vendors are aloof from the well-liked Seller Programme. For more details on counterfeit listing, try the article Counterfeits and IP rights infringement.

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How Do You Get Preferred on Shopee?

Here some tips for you how to get preferred on Shopee:

  • Build up a powerful sales record
  • Offer excellent customer service and reply to chats promptly
  • Fulfil all orders quickly and reliably
  • Comply with Shopee seller policy and maintain a clean penalty record
  • Achieve high shop and merchandise ratings
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Best Clothing Shop in Shopee Philippines

Affordable shops in Shopee? Here some best clothing shop in Shopee Philippines:


They have bought many clothings from them. Just examine their store overview and you’ll be able to see an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5. They answer queries within minutes despite being a comparatively new player (6 months) in Shopee.


Aesthetic shops in Shopee? Raypro may be a Shopee seller that sells both men and feminine products and that they have a huge rating of 4.5 out of 5. a number of their products aren’t 5-star so choose those with reviews. What about this white shirt for less than $25 with free shipping?


Meowmeowshop features a cheongsam collection for the women, perfect for CNY! There’s the more traditional ones like this for under $17 to $20.


Joylife is sort of a store and more because they sell stuff for girls, men, kids and even for babies! a fairly high rating of 4.8 out of 5. Just have a look at this sweet pink Victorian-styled dress for a female child at only $7.70.


Best clothes shop in Shopee? Gentlemen, don’t get a shock once you visit OGYA because they sell mainly female products like make-up, beauty tools, hair / attention items and even watches. But here they found a rare gem: a men’s denim jacket at only $10.50 with free shipping!


There is an ample room to select out the niche you’d wish to travel for when it involves establishing your store on Shopee. you’ll get on the shop to determine for the trending categories and find insights through the feedback section.

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