Your products, shop name, shipping address, and all are ready for your shop. Now there’s only one thing left to do and that is to decorate your Shopee shop. Thankfully, Shopee Decoration is the perfect tool for you. It gives you the options to decorate your shop by changing the Shopee banner, Shopee carousel size, and more. 

These features help you in making your shop look good for the customers. This might increase your sales as well as the reliability of your products. A good appearance is always helpful when trying to get new customers to buy from you. You may also edit your Shopee shop profile picture size, or make use of the Shopee banner creator.

Preparing Your Shopee Store

In thinking about how to set up a Shopee store in the Philippines, it is critical that your Shopee store appears professional and well on both the Shopee app and the Shopee website. It will allow you to gain momentum and traffic, which will eventually result in a rise in revenue as well as a large number of loyal consumers.

Maintain a visually pleasing and respectable appearance for both your vendor profile and your shop page by making sure that both are visually appealing and reliable. Appearing genuine and true, rather than sneaky and questionable, will assist you in achieving the level of sales that you have been wishing for for a long period of time.

What is Shop Decoration in Shopee?

So what really is Shop Decoration in Shopee? In the Seller Centre, there is a feature called Shop Decoration that allows you to personalize your store main page with a range of elements in order to establish a beautiful shop front that accurately and efficiently displays your products.

Users may utilize the elements to draw attention to specific items or campaigns among your customers, pique their interest, and encourage them to investigate further.

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How to Use the Shop Decoration Feature? 

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to utilize the Shop Decoration feature.

Step 1: Accessing the Shop Decoration

 Go to the “Shop Decoration” setting found on the left side of your screen in Seller Centre.

Step 2: Going to the Decoration Page

Click the “Edit decoration” button in order to be directed to the page for Shopee decoration. 

Step 3: Decorating the Shop

From the components tab (1), drag the components or elements that you want to use or be seen in your shop in the middle column (2), then afterwards, tweak it depending on Shopee decoration size ratio and other details necessary (3). 

Step 4: Save and Publish

Click the “Save and Publish” button on the right hand corner of your screen. This will allow your work or decoration to be publicized and seen when customers visit your store. 

Shopee Decoration Premium

When it comes to designing and customizing your shop display, Premium Shop Decoration provides you with greater versatility. Plan numerous versions and then further customize your parts to design a webpage that will encourage purchasers to stay on the page for a longer period of time.

Shopee Shop Decoration Premium opens up the sellers to more opportunities to decorate their shops. While Shopee’s basic tool is free for all merchants, the site offers sophisticated tools to select sellers who wish to fully curate their stores, and here comes the Shop Decoration Premium. Many of the functions and components are the same in both versions, however the Premium edition has more advanced functionality.

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Shopee Decoration Template

In the decoration portion of the Shopee Seller Centre. There is an option called “template”. In this option you will be redirected to the template of your homepage which will show where certain elements are located or the general appearance of your decorations. 

The template available on the basic Shopee Decoration is the “Standard” template. This template shows the Shopee carousel on top, and following images and videos afterwards. This feature can give the sellers a general idea of how their shops are supposed to look once it is done being decorated. Here is how to access the Shopee Decoration Template. 

Step 1: Go to “Templates”

Below the “Components” option on the left column, you will see the “Template” option, you must click the option. 

Step 2: Accessing the Template

Once you click the Template option, you will see the Standard template available for you and your shop decoration. 

Always Remember

Decoration is an important part of establishing your online Shopee shop. It helps customers see what your business is about as well as what products are available to them. This will give you good marketing as well as a reliable brand reputation. 

In setting up your Shopee shop, make sure that the decoration is all ready and you are ready to show your shop to customers from different parts of the world. You want a good shop decoration in order to attract as many pleasing interactions as you want. There are many features available from Shopee and it is best to make use of them because they are a worthy investment after all. 

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